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2000-2020: 20 Years of Innovations

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of our publisher, the industry sourcing company DirectIndustry, we are celebrating 20 years of industrial innovations by giving the floor to the players that brought these innovations to life. From robotics and AI to 3D printing, IoT, augmented reality and more, explore 2 decades of innovations throughout the year.


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Image Analog Devices: “Innovations in Semiconductors Have Enabled Companies To Increasingly Automate Their Processes”
Image DJI: “The Goal Was to Make Complex Aerial Technology Reliable, Easy-To-Use and Accessible to Everyone”
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Image Stratasys: “Manufacturers Now See 3D Printing as a Staple Part of the Industrial Production Floor”
Image IFR: “20 Years Ago, Robots Were Hidden Behind Fences”
Image PTC: “We Invested in AR and IoT to Anticipate Customers’ Needs”
Image SPS: “Automation Has Been Characterized by the Increasing Use of IT”