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Industry News for Business Leaders

DirectIndustry e-magazine is a multi-industry news site that supports decision-makers with in-depth articles, reports, interviews, expert opinions, buying guides and video reports.

Our team of tech journalists and industry experts based around the world present the latest insights into the major industrial innovations taking place in B2B, the latest technologies identified at industry trade fairs, market analysis and product news. 

We provide our cross-industry readership with cutting-edge information from a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, machinery, automotive, aerospace, robotics, infrastructure, and more. Our content helps businesses understand industry 4.0 in order to evaluate the competition and develop their strategies.

DirectIndustry e-magazine is a multi-market platform uniquely positioned to help professionals deal with the challenges of the current industrial revolution.

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Reporters: Daniel Allen, Abigail Saltmarsh, Lindsay Clark, Sole Møller, Adam Turner
Industry Analysts: Hicham Dhouibi, Francesco d’Amore, Soukaina Okacha, Cédric Vialle, Vincent Vilarrasa

Copy Editor: Monica Hutchings

Graphic Designer: Valentine Jaque
Webmaster: Fred Jaillet

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