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DirectIndustry’s e-magazine covers the latest international industrial technology news and innovations. Our editorial staff presents up-to-date information to readers through interviews, news briefs and in-depth articles. We feature leading companies and innovative start-ups, hot projects, the latest technologies and key personalities, and cover the major trade fairs around the world. Each issue brings our readers new products and cutting-edge advancements in the industrial field. With 20.000 unique readers per edition, DirectIndustry e-magazine is a unique platform for exploring innovative products, projects and ideas.

Editorial Independence

DirectIndustry e-magazine adheres to traditional journalistic practices. We are committed to delivering accurate, fair and independent facts & news reporting about innovations to our readers.

Sources. We respect conventional journalistic standards in obtaining information. Our current practice is to collect information directly from those involved in innovation and new technologies. We work with these sources to ensure that our content is accurate and presented in its appropriate context. We correctly and clearly identify our sources.

Precision. It is the responsibility of our editors to be accurate and honest. We use our professional experience, judgment and knowledge to help our readers understand a subject. Our ethical obligation is not to please an interest, a company or a party to a debate, but to testify to the truth if we know it, or to delimit the terms of the controversy if the truth of the matter is in doubt.

Fact-checking and editing. Our articles are thoroughly fact-checked, unbiased and fully independent from any advertising consideration.

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