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Policies and Standards

Editorial Independence

DirectIndustry e-magazine provides readers with informative and engaging content related to the industrial sector. We respect traditional journalistic practices. Our reporters are committed to delivering accurate, fair, and independent facts & news reporting to our readers.

Sources –  We respect conventional journalistic standards to get information. The information we collect directly come from those involved in innovation and new technologies. We work with these sources to ensure that our content is accurate and presented in its appropriate context. We correctly and clearly identify our sources.

Precision – It is the responsibility of our editors to be accurate and honest. We use our professional experience, judgment and knowledge to help our readers understand a subject. Our ethical obligation is not to please an interest, a company or a party to a debate, but to testify to the truth if we know it, or to delimit the terms of the controversy if the truth of the matter is in doubt.

Fact-checking and editing – Our articles are thoroughly fact-checked, unbiased and fully independent from any advertising consideration.

Transparency DirectIndustry e-magazine is committed to transparency and promoting trust with its readers. To that end, we strive to disclose any potential conflicts of interest or affiliations with the companies or products being discussed or mentioned in the articles. Our writers do not have any financial or other relationships with the companies or products mentioned in the articles. We may occasionally publish op-ed pieces and sponsored articles written by people affiliated with companies in the industrial sector. These pieces are labeled as such (op-ed and sponsored content) and represent the views and opinions of the author, not of DirectIndustry e-magazine.

Buying Guides

DirectIndustry offers a free online buying guide service to advise our readers on what they need to know before they buy a product or request a quote.

The goal is to give business leaders, industrial buyers, and decision-makers detailed descriptions, key criteria, standards, and prices of industrial products to facilitate their comparison of quotes and their choice of suppliers to make the right purchasing decision.

Our buying guides are written by our professional journalists and in-house industry analysts independently and impartially. None of the content is sponsored or promotional.

Sponsored Articles

Sponsored articles are paid promotional content written by advertisers and published on our news website alongside our editorial articles.

We clearly label sponsored articles as such because when a sponsored article is published in DirectIndustry e-magazine, we receive monetary compensation. This financial support allows us to continue delivering quality journalism.

We maintain editorial integrity and we also ensure that sponsored content adheres to our standards and provides valuable insights.