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#50/ MARCH 2019

#50/ MARCH 2019




Automotive News: 

Are Fully Self-Driving Vehicles a Distant Dream?

Electric Cars: Why is France Late to the Game?


Artificial Intelligence:

How AI Will Create an “Augmented Worker”


Start-up Profile:

Silex Invents Cognitive Sourcing for Purchasing Departments

StarOfService: the French Marketplace Conquering the World



Cybersecurity: What Awaits the Industrial Sector in 2019

A New Era for Labeling: Digital Transformation at Work


& More News

The Long Road to Autonomy

Today self-driving cars are rapidly clocking up road kilometres across the world. Yet a growing sense of the remaining hurdles that need to be overcome by driverless tech developers – coupled with a series of fatal accidents involving self-driving cars – has eroded confidence and exposed the bold claims of some...

An absolutely essential requirement to making it possible for on-road vehicles to possess a fully autonomous self-driving capability is that they be made aware of everything around them – people, other cars, road layouts – as quickly and easily as a human driver. RoboSense and the new LiDAR This requires the...

We interviewed Luis LE MOYNE, a specialist in autonomous and electric vehicles and Director at the French Institut Supérieur de l’Automobile et des Transports. He gave us his analysis as to why France is not yet ready for the electric car.   DirectIndustry e-mgazine: Why do you think France is not yet ready for electric...

The "augmented worker" can focus on interesting tasks while the machine handles the easiest cases where a high level of expertise is not required.

Created four years ago, Deepomatic is a French company that develops artificial intelligence software enabling the creation of image recognition systems. Their goal? To create an “augmented worker” who can focus on the most interesting and valuable tasks while the machine handles the easiest cases where a high level of...

Laurence Devillers is a researcher in engineering sciences for the CNRS, a member of the CERNA (Committee for the Study of Research Ethics in Digital Sciences and Technologies) and a specialist in man-machine interactions. She wrote Robots and Humans (Des Robots et des Hommes, Ed. Plon 2017), a book in which she...

Today all industry players are taking an interest in artificial intelligence. And automation industry leaders like Rockwell Automation are no exception. The company recently announced they would be investing in the Hive, a Silicon Valley incubator focused on AI applications for industrial automation. DirectIndustry...

Why did this most impressive aircraft fail to thrive as Airbus had hoped?
© Airbus SAS 2017 – All rights reserved.

Two weeks ago, when Airbus announced the end of its A380 superjumbo program, it was front­page news — but nobody in the aviation industry was surprised. Technology from this industrial marvel has already contributed to the generation of composite ­framed twin­ engined aircrafts that will replace it, and the jets...

Courtesy of AMRC

The aeronautics industry is seeing increased automation, with robots achieving the accuracy and flexibility required for complex component creation and assembly.   Robots are now drilling, milling, welding and handling materials. They are incorporating features such as 3D vision and automatic tool change and are used...

Kiss your pilot goodbye – soon an autonomous air taxi will pick you up and take you to work. Drones and artificial intelligence are about to radically alter our airspace.   Flying cars may never be more than science fiction lore but something even more exciting is close to becoming reality. Self-flying electric...

5G represents a big step towards a digital society. But this won’t be without risks...
Courtesy of McAfee

5G provides a big step towards a fully automated and connected digital society. But this won’t be without risks and we could end up on the edge of a cyber war. The good news: good practices are within everyone’s reach, according to McAfee Chief Scientist Raj Samani. 5G is coming and with it more data and lower...

Your shopping habits are about to change! New trends are shaking up the retail sector. From hands-free voice commerce from home to pop-up stores, discover how you will shop in the future.   Amazon’s net sales reached $72.4 billion in the fourth quarter of 2018, compared to $60.5 billion for the same period in 2017....

From screening apps for medical conditions to video games for vital training – digital technology is impacting healthcare in Africa, reaching remote locations and bringing cost-effective solutions to poverty-stricken areas. But, the experts say, it is important to ensure claims are based on evidence and local systems...

Courtesy of StarOfService

StarOfService connects service requesters with the ideal professional through very precise matching. Created in 2012, this French start-up is now on the rise and aims to become the leading service marketplace in the world. We spoke with Lucas Lambertini, co-founder and CEO. Who hasn’t struggled all day to find the...

Courtesy of Silex

Silex connects buyers and suppliers via an artificial intelligence platform. Created 5 years ago, this French start-up has made it its mission to optimize sourcing for purchasing departments. First in France, then tomorrow across the Atlantic. Silex. A funny pre-historic name for a 21st century start-up. However,...

Digital transformation is one of the buzz phrases of the moment, a trend sweeping through all industries. While it means different things to different people, ultimately, it’s all about digitalising processes and infrastructure, and using technology to optimise productivity and efficiency. The intricacies of this may...

The last three years have been marked by the emergence and media coverage of particularly virulent cyber security attacks. In this context, the industrial sector has been targeted. Examples include the Shamoon attack in the Middle East and Southern Europe in the gas, oil and telecom sectors, the Triton attack on...


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