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    Cognitive tech are rapidly advancing but we are a long way from creating general AI.

    Advances in artificial intelligence present challenges and opportunities for companies across the business spectrum. But the commercial integration of cognitive digital processes requires expert knowledge. With an ever-increasing number of businesses now employing cognitive technologies, experts predict the global...

    Today all industry players are taking an interest in artificial intelligence. And automation industry leaders like Rockwell Automation are no exception. The company recently announced they would be investing in the Hive, a Silicon Valley incubator focused on AI applications for industrial automation. DirectIndustry...

    Courtesy of StarOfService

    StarOfService connects service requesters with the ideal professional through very precise matching. Created in 2012, this French start-up is now on the rise and aims to become the leading service marketplace in the world. We spoke with Lucas Lambertini, co-founder and CEO. Who hasn’t struggled all day to find the...

    The last three years have been marked by the emergence and media coverage of particularly virulent cyber security attacks. In this context, the industrial sector has been targeted. Examples include the Shamoon attack in the Middle East and Southern Europe in the gas, oil and telecom sectors, the Triton attack on...

    There will be no European rail giant. On Wednesday, February 6, the European Commission banned the proposed merger between the French Alstom and the German Siemens Mobility. At a press conference, European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager justified this decision on the grounds that this new group would harm...

    Developing reliable impact simulations involves gathering construction and stress analysis data on both aircraft and drone components.

    With opinion divided when to comes to the threat that drones realistically pose to aircrafts, researchers are putting their theories to the test by simulating mid-air collisions.   As regulators like the Federal Aviation Authority pay more attention to the risks that drones pose to air traffic, researchers around the...

    Scientists have long predicted that climate change would increase the prevalence of extreme weather – today those forecasts are coming true. From heatwaves and blizzards to flooding and severe turbulence, extreme weather conditions are becoming more and more commonplace around the world. This trend not only spells bad...

    As technologies improve, costs plummet and investors become eager to enter a rapidly growing sector, the new space industry is going stratospheric.   There has been a surge of activity in recent years, with the emergence of new players and a frantic race taking place on earth to capture a corner of the market above....

    INDUSTRY 4.0
    What is the Digital Enterprise?

    / / /

    Digital transformation was a major theme at SPS IPC Drive this year. Today almost all enterprises use digital technology in some way or another. But the development of true “digital enterprises”, where digital technology lies at the heart of how the business operates, generates revenue, seizes competitive advantage and...

    While making the most of machine learning to become more self-sufficient, the industrial robots of tomorrow will also brush up on their interpersonal skills so they can work more closely with their human colleagues. The global industrial robotics market share is booming, now accounting for more than 50 percent of the...

    Just a few years ago, industrial robots were the stuff of science fiction. Today, as robotic systems become smarter, cheaper and more flexible – driven by trends in simplification, collaboration and digitalization – they are becoming indispensable across a wide range of industrial sectors.   Andra Keay is Managing...


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