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October 2018 / Issue #46

October 2018 / Issue #46

Let’s Stick Together !

Featured in this edition you’ll find new adhesive technology, a focus on the ongoing African tech revolution and coverage of Motek and Bondexpo 2018. Happy reading!


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    Research and development in adhesives are moving at a fast pace with the goal of increasing the life of the products, recycling and sustainability.

    According to industry experts, research and development in adhesives is moving at a fast pace. Goals include increasing the life of the products, recycling and sustainability.   Philip Bruce, Secretary General of the Fédération Européenne des Industries de Colles et Adhésifs (FEICA), says many innovations are focusing...

    As electric vehicles present new manufacturing and operational challenges compared to traditional combustion engines, automotive adhesive makers can’t afford to stick to their old ways.   Electric vehicle designers often favor adhesives over mechanical fasteners in order to shed weight, as every gram impacts a...

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    New products showcased at Motek and Bondexpo 2018 for logistics and assembly.

    Manufacturers in heavy equipment, aerospace and automotive who require advanced fastening strategies can take control of their assembly processes quickly with the INSIGHTqc. Innovative power tool manufacturer Ingersoll Rand premiered its new controller for critical assembly manufacturing applications at MOTEK 2018....

    Provider of autonomous mobile robots Aethon has unveiled its newest TUG model at MOTEK 2018. The T4 AMR is aimed at customers in manufacturing and logistics requiring a smaller, faster, integration-ready mobile robot. Building on the US-based company’s existing Industry 4.0 TUG product line, the T4 aims to be a...

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    Open automation systems provider Beckhoff showcased the advantages of PC-based control technology at MOTEK 2018. The Germany-based company demonstrated how its TwinCAT Vision integrates all image processing applications – from detection, measurement and identification to pick-and-place and quality checking – into a...

    Software solutions provider Bentley Systems announced several new services and strategic acquisitions during today’s inaugural press conference at the Bentley Year in Infrastructure Conference 2018 in London.   LEVERAGING DIGITAL TWINS This morning, CEO Greg Bentley inaugurated iTwin™ services, a new set of digital twin...

    Technology, innovation and entrepreneurship are transforming Africa.

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    Is it the beginning of the African tech revolution? Drones, smart robots and AI have started to spread throughout the continent. And this African digital dawn has caught the attention of the major web players. Google is about to open an AI center in Ghana later this year.   Today technology, innovation and...

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    What if drones could save lives? While they were originally developed for military purposes, aerial drones are now being used for blood deliveries that can save rather than take lives.   A fix-winged drone, known as a Zip, takes off like a shot from a droneport in Rwanda in East Africa with a life-saving cargo. The...

    Africa is leading the world in population growth, but its inferior infrastructure remains a major impediment to progress. In general, the continent’s roads, ports and airports lag far behind those in other parts of the globe. Building drone ports could help meet the African continent’s expanding needs. Echoing Jeff...

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    Our selection of this month's news & trends

    The Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has designed a humanoid robot that is able to reproduce the same movements as a construction worker. Equipped with a hooked-hand, HRP-5P can build a piece of furniture and handle a drill without any human intervention. The robot is not...

    Checking on the state of sewer networks is not an easy business. They are mainly underground with small diameter pipes so the process requires a lot of resources, such as high definition video embedded in mobile systems able to resist hostile environments. Cleaning them is even more difficult as it requires heavy...

    At this year’s InnoTrans trade fair, held in Berlin at the “Messe Berlin” center from September 81-21, SkyWay Technologies presented a high-speed unibus able to accelerate up to 500 km/h for the first time. The unibus’ statistics make it a record-holder for minor high-speed wheeled vehicles: moving at 500 km/h for a...

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    Courtesy of Volvo

    ZEUX, an autonomous concept wheel loader, is the result of a partnership between Volvo Construction Equipment and Lego® Technic. In 2016 the design teams of both companies worked together along with a focus group of children to design a construction machine of the future. ZEUX is 100% electric with an 150 kWh battery...

    Advances in artificial intelligence present challenges and opportunities for companies across the business spectrum. But the commercial integration of cognitive digital processes requires expert knowledge. With an ever-increasing number of businesses now employing cognitive technologies, experts predict the global...


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