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#49 / JANUARY 2019

#49 / JANUARY 2019


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    Demand for industrial robotics is currently increasing faster than anyone predicted.

    Just a few years ago, industrial robots were the stuff of science fiction. Today, as robotic systems become smarter, cheaper and more flexible – driven by trends in simplification, collaboration and digitalization – they are becoming indispensable across a wide range of industrial sectors.   Andra Keay is Managing...

    While making the most of machine learning to become more self-sufficient, the industrial robots of tomorrow will also brush up on their interpersonal skills so they can work more closely with their human colleagues. The global industrial robotics market share is booming, now accounting for more than 50 percent of the...

    A giant robotic braider, capable of creating complex composite preforms for widespread lightweight applications, is up and running in the UK.   The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) bought the equipment, which is the largest in the country, to enhance its cutting-edge collection for...

    Our news from Las Vegas CES.

    Countless gadgets and other artificial intelligence innovations were presented at the CES in Las Vegas. For some manufacturers, it was an opportunity to show consumers the benefits of AI, for example on the factory floor. In the agricultural sector, the benefits of machine learning are also praised. In any case, the...

    The complexity of blockchain can seem overwhelming. That’s why the French multinational energy firm ENGIE, in partnership with IT consultant Maltem, launched the startup Blockchain Studio: to help the average Joe create their blockchain-based projects. January 8, 2019⸻During the CES event in Las Vegas, ENGIE...

    With autonomous public transportation already underway, RoboSense has signed investors such as Alibaba in order to commercialize self-driving automobiles for individual consumers by 2020. The best part? The company has lined up various top automotive brands to adapt its technology to preferred hot rides. January 8,...



    The prototype of a smart, self-driving tram has been successfully tested in genuine road traffic in Potsdam, Germany.   Matthias Hofmann, Product Manager, Light Rail Vehicles, Siemens Mobility, explains that the world’s first completely autonomous tram successfully drove along a six-kilometer stretch of the city’s...

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    Machines that tell operators when they are going to break down, and how, are no longer a fantasy. Research from IoT Analytics, a market insights firm, says predictive maintenance is already one of the leading use cases for the industrial internet of things (IIoT). It found the market for these applications is set to...

    Within the world of passenger experience, automation has benefits for both passengers and airlines. Travellers see reduced lines by using self-service kiosks, automated bag drop, automated border processing, scanning their way into lounges and using automated boarding gates, while airlines and airports can lower...

    Airport lounges continue to push the boundaries of comfort and relaxation, productivity and gastronomy, privacy and sociability, with new bespoke, characterful designs popping up around the world.   Alex Duncan is Design Director at JPA Design, responsible for numerous well-received international lounges including the...


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