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    Digital Twining of the Factory

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    The digital factory concept has become mainstream, with companies investing more. But few of them are fully digitized. IoT data and new easy to handle industrial software might hasten the digital transformation.


    Again, in this new edition, we are giving you the chance to read our stories and watch our video reports in your own language. Follow the sign and enjoy the experience!  


    Camille Rustici, Editor-in-chief





    We will be in Barcelona at the end of the month. Stay tuned for more news from the fair!

    We can take real-world data and use that as input into the digital model.
    Courtesy of GE

    The digital factory idea is now mainstream, but there is a big gap between where manufacturers are and where they want to be. Research from PWC indicates that 91% of industrial companies are investing in digital factories, but only 6% claim to be fully digitized. IoT data could hasten the transition.   Creating a...

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    This revolution is transforming how engineers work.

    Industrial software is easier to handle nowadays. Generating 3D models of a factory or a city, which once took days of heavy calculations, is now possible with just a few clicks on a desktop computer. This is the new world of reality modeling. Defined as the process of capturing the physical world in 3D, it is...

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    PdM makes it easier to plan and coordinate maintenance on production systems.

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    The recent developments in IoT sensors, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence promise to make it easier to predict when equipment will fail.   Predictive maintenance (PdM) consists in collecting data on the condition of machinery so that engineers can foresee possible outages or failures before they even...

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    Camille Rustici

    Camille Rustici is a Video Journalist and the Editor-in-Chief for DirectIndustry e-magazine. She has years of experience in business issues for various media including France 24, Associated Press, Radio France…

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    Translation Team

    Sergio Mataix-Molina (Spanish), Qiongyao Garcin (Chinese), Manuel Corbelli (Italian), Mari Harasawa (Japanese), Julie Santoriello (French), Claudia Fischer (German), Helena Lino (Portugese), Michael Halpern (American) and Elena Vidal (Russian) are our in-house translators.

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    Lindsay Clark

    Lindsay Clark is a freelance journalist specializing in computing. He has won industry awards as news editor at Computer Weekly. He has also written for newspapers including The Guardian, The Financial Times…

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    Sole Møller

    Sole Møller is a Danish freelance journalist based in San Fransisco. He writes about new technologies and contributes to several publications including DirectIndustry e-magazine.

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    Daniel Allen

    Daniel Allen is a writer and a photographer. His work has featured in numerous publications, including CNN, BBC, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, National Geographic Traveller, Discovery Channel.

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    Hicham Dhouibi

    Hicham Dhouibi is a mechanical and process engineer with years of experience in automotive, plastic processing and telecom industries. He is one of our in-house industrial experts since 2008.

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    Michael Halpern

    Michael Halpern is a US-born and bred writer with experience in radio. He is also our in-house DirectIndustry anglophone translator.

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