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What’s New with Metrology?

DirectIndustry e-magazine is happy to see you back to business after the summer break. For this new edition, focus on metrology which is facing massive changes. Also our hot topics, IMTS which is happening this week. And an in-depth on how your company could benefit from AI. Happy reading!


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    Smaller portable and more accurate measurement devices are moving from the lab to the production site.


    Metrology is facing massive changes. New technologies are emerging. Smaller portable and more accurate measurement devices are moving from the lab to the production site.   Metrology, the science of dimensional measurement, is used to ensure that a manufactured product is consistent with its initial design. Several...


    Non-destructive testing is a way of checking manufactured parts and finding the flaws (cracks or corrosion) without destroying them. There are three kinds of non-destructive testing: ultrasonic, X-ray and Eddy-current, explains Laura PUCCI from French CEA List: The eddy currents are generated by a coil that emits a...


    Smart sensors, X-rays, infra-red light, terahertz waves. How can industry see the invisible? Examining the invisible is a major challenge for industry. This includes peering into the hidden innards without destroying a product and measuring volume and surface thickness, whatever the material. It is vitally important...

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    Cognitive tech are rapidly advancing but we are a long way from creating general AI.

    Advances in artificial intelligence present challenges and opportunities for companies across the business spectrum. But the commercial integration of cognitive digital processes requires expert knowledge. With an ever-increasing number of businesses now employing cognitive technologies, experts predict the global...


    While the IMTS is taking place this week in Chicago, we wanted to offer insight into the cobot trend.   Michael Peshkin is a professor of mechanical engineering at Northwestern University in Illinois and came up with the cobot concept with his colleague Ed Colgate more than 20 years ago. At that time, the field of...

    In an effort to bridge the gap between designing and fabricating, students at the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University in Shanghai have developed a 6-axis robotic 3D printer that they revealed at the Shanghai Summer Workshop “Digital Future.” The goal with this invention is to allow architects...

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    Imagine a house so small it would be the right size for a dust mite—the smallest house in the world. Well in Bescat, France scientists have made one using robotics and nanotechnology. Their work has been published in the Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A.  Part of a nanorobotics proof of concept project, the...


    A hyperloop is a pod carrying people or freight that can travel efficiently through a sealed tube or system of tubes without air resistance or friction at a high speed. Elon Musk developed the concept for Tesla and SpaceX and in 2013 published the idea of The Hyperloop Alpha which would connect Los Angeles to the San...

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    Laurence Devillers is a researcher in engineering sciences for the CNRS, a member of the CERNA (Committee for the Study of Research Ethics in Digital Sciences and Technologies) and a specialist in man-machine interactions. She wrote Robots and Humans (Des Robots et des Hommes, Ed. Plon 2017), a book in which she...


    What would your perfect shopping experience be like? A store with only products you like? Your favourite meal prepared on site? This is the question Alibaba hopes to answer and provide you with by harnessing the power of AI. They are currently working on constructing a network of services that will use AI, facial...

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    The Chinese government’s “Made in China 2025” (MiC 2025) strategy, unveiled in mid-2015, has become the buzzword of Chinese industry. Targeting greener, smarter, higher value manufacturing by integrating production with the internet, this comprehensive economic blueprint will work alongside China’s so-called...

        With its “Made in China 2025” plan, China is setting itself the goal of becoming the world’s leading economic power. But the fact remains that it has a vulnerable economy, especially in the semiconductor sector. Jean-François Dufour, China Expert at Montsalvy Consulting, gave us an overview of the strengths and...

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    Camille Rustici

    Camille Rustici is a Video Journalist and the Editor-in-Chief for DirectIndustry e-magazine. She has years of experience in business issues for various media including France 24, Associated Press, Radio France…

    Sole Møller

    Sole Møller is a Danish freelance journalist based in San Fransisco. He writes about new technologies and contributes to several publications including DirectIndustry e-magazine.

    Daniel Allen

    Daniel Allen is a writer and a photographer. His work has featured in numerous publications, including CNN, BBC, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, National Geographic Traveller, Discovery Channel.

    Monica Hutchings

    Monica Hutchings is a Canadian writer and translator from Toronto who has worked on everything from technical descriptions to academic journals. She is our copy-editor and our in-house DirectIndustry English translator.

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