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    Who is the Tech-Augmented Worker of the Future?

    Dear Readers,


    Who is worker 4.0? This question is becoming essential today as smart robots and artificial intelligence are entering the workforce, making many worry about the future of human operators.


    But despite widespread fears, embracing Industry 4.0 does not necessarily mean the end of the human worker. On the contrary, worker 4.0 is turning into an enhanced operator. Find out in our story and short infographic video how people remain at the centre of business operations.


    In this edition, we study how our workplace is about to be augmented. AR and VR are becoming powerful tools for a wide range of industries. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, our story full of concrete case studies could make you change your mind!


    In this e-magazine you can also read our coverage of LogiMAT, the international fair for intralogistics solutions and process management that took place in Stuttgart, Germany a few weeks ago.


    Happy Reading


    Camille Rustici, Editor-in-Chief

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    INDUSTRY 4.0
    For companies embracing Industry 4.0, people remain at the centre of their business operations.

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    Driven by automation and connectivity, the rise of Industry 4.0 will inevitably change how we work. But contrary to widespread fears, it doesn’t mean the end of the human worker. For many companies embracing the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, people remain at the centre of their business operations....

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    Enhanced, mobile, connected, virtual...discover Operator 4.0.

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    Who is the tech-augmented worker of the factory of the future? An enhanced worker who wears an exoskeleton to reduce the physical burden of certain tasks. A virtual worker who wears AR glasses and a VR headset to work hands-free and simulate tasks. A collaborative worker who safely works hand-in-hand with cage-free...

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    It would take a skilled technician about 450 minutes to do that task but with AR it now takes 45 minutes.

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    Your workplace is about to be augmented – or maybe even turn virtual. AR and VR are becoming powerful tools for a wide range of industries as they increase productivity and save time.   AR smart glasses allow users to superimpose graphics, video or text onto the real world, right in front of your eyes. For industry,...

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    Camille Rustici

    Camille Rustici is a Video Journalist and the Editor-in-Chief for DirectIndustry e-magazine. She has years of experience in business issues for various media including France 24, Associated Press, Radio France…

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    Sole Møller

    Sole Møller is a Danish freelance journalist based in San Fransisco. He writes about new technologies and contributes to several publications including DirectIndustry e-magazine.

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    Daniel Allen

    Daniel Allen is a writer and a photographer. His work has featured in numerous publications, including CNN, BBC, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, National Geographic Traveller, Discovery Channel.

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    Monica Hutchings

    Monica Hutchings is a Canadian writer and translator from Toronto who has worked on everything from technical descriptions to academic journals. She is also our in-house DirectIndustry English translator.

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