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#47 / NOVEMBER 2018

#47 / NOVEMBER 2018

#47 – Machining 4.0

What’s new with machine tools? While going digital and embracing industry 4.0 are disrupting the machine tools industry, some technology remains significant. Diamond for instance is maintaining its position as a shining solution for cutting applications. Also in this edition you’ll find coverage of JIMTOF in Japan and an interview with Microsoft during the Bentley Systems Year in Infrastructure last month in London.

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    The physical and digital worlds are colliding on the factory floor as traditional machine tooling undergoes a smart overhaul in order to meet modern manufacturing demands. We spoke with Gérard Gousset, Marketing Manager for machining systems with Italian industrial automation company Comau.   The basic concepts of...

    Diamond, a solid form of carbon with a high level of thermal conductivity, is maintaining its position as a shining solution in industrial applications of cutting and polishing.   Andreas Chrysanthou, Professor in Materials Engineering, University of Hertfordshire, carried out research into the manufacture of diamond...

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    Despite weak economic growth over the last two decades, Japan’s industries still rank amongst the most highly advanced and innovative in the world. Japanese manufacturing products, particularly in the electronics and automotive sectors, remain world leaders.   Japan is a country with advanced technological expertise, a...

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    Jimtof, the Japan International Machine Tool Fair is taking place in Tokyo this week.

    Read our selection of news and products showcased at Jimtof, the  Japan International Machine Tool Fair that is taking place in Tokyo this week.   MACHINING IS GOING DIGITAL Masahiko Mori, DMG MORI CEO, declared that they were going to develop digital products for machining applications. He said the company will soon...

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    Watch our video interview with Microsoft.
    Camille Rustici

    WATCH OUR VIDEO. More and more industries are adopting Microsoft Hololens for manufacturing applications, design in the construction industry, healthcare and defense. We were invited to attend Bentley Systems’ Year in Infrastructure Event in London last month and we met with Nancy Li, from the AI Perception & Mixed...

    Cryptocurrencies have attracted huge media attention but, outside a select group of tech enclaves, the possibility of paying for day-to-day items using, say Bitcoin, remains remote. Two companies  teamed up to create a wallet secured and authenticated using biorhythms.    Two barriers stand in the way of mass adoption...

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    Additive manufacturing, which relies on 3D printing to create components within or outside assembly factories, is attracting admirers across different industries.   According to a 2016 Wohlers Associates report, by 2021 the market for associated products and services will be four times bigger than it was in 2013, at...

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    Engineers and scientists at US-based Boston Dynamics have created an advanced humanoid robot that can jump over logs and leap up steps without breaking its pace. Atlas has a control system, which coordinates the motions of the arms, torso and legs to achieve whole-body mobile manipulation – even allowing it to do...

    A tram which harmonises with the city landscape while enhancing passenger experience has scooped a prestigious Red Dot Award. The Siemens Avenio M tram was commended for its sleek appearance, open interior and potential to adapt to various urban environments. Designed for use in Ulm, Germany, which has steep grades,...

    A user-friendly, compact electric charging station for vehicles has won a coveted Red Dot Award for Product Design. The AC Level II Gen3 intelligent charger, which is manufactured by the LITE-ON Technology Corp, in Taipei, Taiwan, charges six times faster than a standard Level I charger. Available with a mobile app,...


    Camille Rustici

    Camille Rustici is a Video Journalist and the Editor-in-Chief for DirectIndustry e-magazine. She has years of experience in business issues for various media including France 24, Associated Press, Radio France…

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    Lindsay Clark is a freelance journalist specializing in computing. He has won industry awards as news editor at Computer Weekly. He has also written for newspapers including The Guardian, The Financial Times…

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    Daniel Allen is a writer and a photographer. His work has featured in numerous publications, including CNN, BBC, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, National Geographic Traveller, Discovery Channel.

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    Abigail Saltmarsh is a freelance journalist with 25 years’ experience for industry publications (Packaging Europe) and national magazines (The New York Times, International Herald Tribune).

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    Adam Turner is an award-winning Australian freelance technology journalist with more than 15 years of experiences in business and consumer technology in media like the Sydney Morning Herald.

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