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#48 / DECEMBER 2018

#48 / DECEMBER 2018


Digital transformation was a major theme at SPS IPC Drive this year. Today almost all enterprises use digital technology to generate revenue, seize competitive advantages and produce value. This brought us to thequestion: what exactly is the true digital enterprise? We went to the Nuremberg fair last week in an effort to find the answer.

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    INDUSTRY 4.0
    What is the Digital Enterprise?

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    Digital transformation was a major theme at SPS IPC Drive this year. Today almost all enterprises use digital technology in some way or another. But the development of true “digital enterprises”, where digital technology lies at the heart of how the business operates, generates revenue, seizes competitive advantage and...

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    Germany-based automation leader Festo is focusing  on seamless connectivity, artificial intelligence and digitalization at SPS IPC Drives taking place this week in Nuremberg.   Christopher Haug, Manager of International Press Relations, says the company is showcasing engineering and solution packages for electric drive...


    WATCH OUR VIDEO REPORT. Artificial intelligence has not yet shown all of its potential, but according to experts it currently holds the largest industrial possibilities for the future. The manufacturing industry will benefit tremendously from AI as it will change infrastructure and industrial production. Japanese...

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    Digital transformation has accelerated the transition to the Smart Factory. It is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, and, operational technologies (OT) and information technology (IT) are coming closer together. Here is more proof: the exceptional growth of data-driven sensors and the increase in the use of...

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    Industry 4.0, the vision of tomorrow’s industry initially evoked at the 2011 Hannover Messe, is now producing real solutions. According to experts, 27% of European executives claim they are already implementing Industry 4.0 solutions. Which are they? ABB designed sensors that makes motors smarter, explains Thomas...

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    WATCH OUR VIDEO REPORT The digital enterprise is the new goal. Businesses across various sectors are now accelerating their digital transformation. Tech leaders are also starting to open labs and develop specific tools to help companies on their journey. Fujitsu is one of them. The Japanese IT product provider has...

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    Machines that tell operators when they are going to break down, and how, are no longer a fantasy. Research from IoT Analytics, a market insights firm, says predictive maintenance is already one of the leading use cases for the industrial internet of things (IIoT). It found the market for these applications is set to...

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    Our partner publication MedicalExpo e-magazine had the chance to interview Michael Gaisford, Director of Healthcare Solutions at 3D printing company Stratasys to discuss the latest innovations in printers, materials and softwares for the healthcare sector. We have reproduced an extract of this interview by Célia...

    Rethink Robotics

    The collaborative automation market undergoes momentous turbulence with the loss of its standards bearer: One of the mainstream collaborative robots firms, Rethink Robotics, has closed for good. Are we nearing the end of the collaborative robotics market, destroying the growth of collaborative...


    The robot workforce expands in China as wages for human workers rise, and soon humans will lose another position as robots are employed to construct robots. Robotics firm ABB said they were building a robot factory in China.   China seeks to compete with lower-cost countries by incorporating advanced automation more...

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    NASA’s InSight travelled a 548 million-kilometer journey from California and landed successfully on Mars on November 26, 2018 with the unprecedented mission of listening to meteorite and tectonic movement-caused earthquakes on the red planet. Landing on Mars demonstrates a dangerous exercise, according to Francis...


    The world should see the first operational self-driving long-haul trucks next year, thanks to an agreement between the Swedish manufacturer Volvo Trucks and Norwegian company Bronnoy Kalk. The deployment of entirely autonomous trucks bringing limestone from Bronnoy Kalk quarries to the nearest port will be effective...

    MIT Electric Aircraft Initiative

    What if transforming planes into real-life science fiction ships like Star Trek was the future of flight? Engineers at MIT believe it to be so as they work with associate professor of aeronautics and astronautics, Steven Barrett, on his Ion plane concept. Barrett thinks future planes should be “something with a blue...


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    Erin Tallman is an American writer and Deputy Editor of ArchiExpo e-magazine. She writes novels and contributes to several online magazines like DirectIndustry e-magazine.

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    Simon Roloff is a German cinematographer with more than 10 years of experience in filming. He is our video journalist, always ready to cover German fairs with his cam.

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