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Camille Rustici

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Image Hypersquare and Steer-by-Wire: Peugeot’s Electric Revolution
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Image Brenus Pharma: Pioneering a New Method to Treat Colorectal Cancer
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Image ChatGPT 4o, Enhanced Performance and Reduced Costs: Insights from VirtualExpo’s CIO
Image France’s Plans for AI Evaluation: Interview With LNE’s Testing Division Head
Image Evaluating AI: LNE’s Pioneering LEIA Metrology Lab
Image Fermob Press Conference: Innovations in Recyclability, Dismantlability, and New Product Launches
Image French Startup Limatech to Launch a Lithium Battery to Decarbonize Aviation
Image Dave Duncan, PTC: “There’s Strong Commercial Motivation To Embrace Sustainability”
Image Inside the Factory: A Tour of SPIE Batignolles’ 3D Concrete Printing Workshop
Image Towards Smarter Microtechnologies
Image INFOGRAPHICS. Spotlight on NORWAY, Hannover Messe Partner Country
Image J. Peynet, Universal Robots France: “We’ve Redesigned Our Cobots to Make Them Faster and Better Address the Automotive Sector”
Image Rob’Occ Revolutionizes Logistics with Made in France AMR
Image Ask For the Moon: A ChatGPT-Style Knowledge Management Software
Image We Boarded Tara Oceans in Marseille
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Image Inside the Factory: We Visited the New Electric Motor Assembly Plant of Yamaha in France