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    HP has launched an ad campaign featuring Christian Slater, TV’s Mr. Robot, to warn against cyber threats to printers. The first episode of this web advertising series can be found here, Slater plays a hacker infiltrating business computers via mail room printers to find “the info I’m looking for.” This ad appears a...

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    Since last summer’s hack of a connected Jeep, auto cyber-security has become a red-hot issue, one that automakers cannot avoid. And with connected cars expected to be a durable trend, the need for over-the-air software and updates that cannot be hacked is crucial. Semiconductor company Rambus has developed a new...

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    The Internet of Things is already there and brings new challenges. Long time ignored or minimized, security is now a concern throughout the industry. Driven by electronic and computing industries, the IoT Security Foundation was created last September in the UK and gathers various members including cybersecurity...

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