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Paris 2024 Olympics: New Security Operation Center (SOC) Offering for French Companies 

Paris 2024 Olympics: New Security Operation Center (SOC) Offering for French Companies 
Paris 2024 Olympics: New Security Operation Center (SOC) Offering for French companies. (Credit: Paris2024)

DataDome, a French company specializing in the use of AI to combat online fraud and malicious bots, announces the launch of a premium Cyber Operations Surveillance Center (Olympics SOC) offering for French businesses to enhance security levels for the Paris Olympic Games. With the 2021 Tokyo Games enduring 450 million cyberattacks, the Paris 2024 Olympic organizing committee anticipates receiving eight times more, approximately 3.5 billion.

With nearly 4 billion cyberattacks expected during the Olympics, cybersecurity officials are already facing numerous challenges. DataDome wants to bolster business protection with new Premium Olympics SOC services. 

An Olympics SOC

The Olympics SOC is a cybersecurity support and expertise program developed by DataDome and available starting in April. It will feature a preparatory phase for businesses with cybersecurity testing and a review of existing configurations. Personalized and continuous support from DataDome experts will continue from July 1 to September 30, 2024.

In a press release, Benjamin Barrier, Chief Strategy Officer at DataDome said:

“The period of the 2024 Olympics promises to be crucial in terms of cybersecurity. The cyber threat will be considerable as the Games attract global attention to France, presenting cybercriminals with a golden opportunity to disrupt the festivities. With the Olympics SOC offering, DataDome’s expert teams will provide continuous support to our clients throughout the event, from monitoring to reporting. Our teams will be available 24/7, especially in the event of a targeted attack.”

24/7 Monitoring

The Olympics SOC offering is a strategic ally for businesses. It will enable them to rely on DataDome’s technological and human resources to maximize their monitoring, analysis, and reporting capabilities during the event.

The support of qualified researchers in threat management, as well as continuous 24/7 monitoring, will allow for advanced threat detection and analysis.

Organizations will therefore strengthen their cybersecurity posture and ensure continuous protection against evolving cyber threats without the need for significant resources and investments.


Protection in Sports & Travel

DataDome already protects major French companies, particularly in the ticketing, sports, and travel sectors. These are prime targets for cybercriminals during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

DataDome has been recognized for its market-leading detection and mitigation capabilities. They are the only bot detection and mitigation provider to appear on the 2024 G2 Security Products list.

The company has also been awarded for its use of AI at multiple times. The 2023 Fortress Cybersecurity awards awarded their application security. Global Infosec 2023 recognized their innovative bot mitigation.

The launch of this program follows several recent announcements, including the release of new solutions such as DataDome Account Protect, DataDome Ad Protect, and DataDome’s bot bounty program. Additionally, the launch of Device Check, the expansion of its partner program, and the closing of a $42 million Series C funding round have been noted.