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[BEST OF 2022] 6 New Innovative Products

[BEST OF 2022] 6 New Innovative Products
n this article, we focus on 3 new products that were released in 2022 and that represent a major step forward for the industries they are serving.

What are the cutting-edge innovations that have made an impact in the industrial world this year? What was the major news not to be missed? This winter, we offer you the opportunity to relive the year 2022 from an industrial perspective. In this article, we focus on 6 new products that were released in 2022 and that represent a major step forward for the industries they are serving.

01/ IoT: An Affordable PLC Solution

December 6, 2022

Opta is a new family of micro Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for industrial IoT applications, developed by Arduino in partnership with Finder, an Italian manufacturer of relays for the commercial and industrial sectors.

By adopting Opta, industrial engineers can implement an easy-to-use and affordable PLC in their stack without the long learning curve required by other established solutions.

02/ Machine Vision: A New Time-of-flight Module

October 25, 2022

A new Time-of-Flight module from American multinational semiconductor company Analog Devices, Inc (ADI) represents a major step forward in three-dimensional sensing. DirectIndustry caught up with Tony Zarola, ADI’s Senior Director of Time-of-Flight, to find out more about the technology and its potential applications. 

03/ Mining: A New Device to Instantly Identify Lithium

November 9, 2022

Developed by the American company SciAps and sold by French distributor Quantum-RX, the Z-901 lithium is the first portable LIBS instrument capable of instantly identifying the presence of lithium in brine, rocks (pegmatite), clay, and minerals (micas). 

04/ A New Drone For Precision Agriculture

November 23, 2022

DJI introduced their new Mavic 3 Multispectral designed for organizations engaged in precision agriculture. This new drone comes with a multispectral imaging system that allows rapid capture of crop growth information. Mavic 3M is aimed at helping farmers improve crop production.

05/ A New Automated Warehouse Solution

September 7, 2022

Toyota Material Handling Europe unveiled the CDI120, an automated pallet carrier designed for warehouse applications.

The CDI120 is a new warehouse solution designed for the horizontal transport of goods. The AGV joins and integrates with Toyota Material Handling’s existing vehicles which include pallet trucks, stackers, forklifts, and reach trucks.

06/ A New Disinfectant With No Chemicals

April 21, 2022

Having a solid waste management system is crucial to industrialists. It is indeed a high-level tool for the control of the impacts of an activity on the environment. 

Water treatment specialist Best Water Technology (BWT) France has launched a new water disinfection solution that removes the need for chemicals and reduces harmful by-products in manufacturing waste.