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Hannover Messe 2024 Kicks Off Today: What’s in Store?

Hannover Messe 2024 Kicks Off Today: What’s in Store?
Hannover Messe Kicks Off Today: What's in Store? (C. RUSTICI)

Hannover Messe, the global trade fair for industrial technology and innovation, kicks off today and until April 26, 2024. What can we expect from the fair? Here are a few trends and products that will be showcased this week.

Hannover Messe, scheduled to take place from April 22-26, 2024, will focus on three main drivers:

  1. Automation: This includes generative artificial intelligence (AI) and aims to enhance efficiency and productivity in industrial processes.
  2. Digitalization: Hannover Messe will explore digital transformation trends, enabling companies to adapt to the changing landscape.
  3. Sustainability: The event will emphasize electrification and hydrogen as sustainable solutions for industry. Norway, the chosen partner country for this edition, is at the forefront of these efforts.


1/ Towards a Sustainable Industry

The AgiProbot Project

The AgiProbot project aims to automate the disassembly of components for remanufacturing purposes. Led by the German Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), this 12-year project could have significant applications, including the disassembly of electric car batteries.

Remanufacturing involves carefully taking apart a product to reuse its components. These parts can then be incorporated into new production cycles or used to construct identical products. It’s a process that aligns perfectly with the principles of the circular economy and promotes environmental sustainability.

KIT’s innovations will be presented at Hannover Messe, Hall 13, Stand C76


igus and the Smart Plastics

Let’s explore the key themes they will showcase at Hannover Messe 2024:

  1. Superwise®: Smart Plastics Service: this digital service integrates sensors into their energy chains and plain bearings. These sensors enable predictive maintenance and condition monitoring, allowing businesses to proactively address operational challenges.
  2. igusGO: this AI-powered app provides personalized recommendations based on users’ needs. Users can snap a photo of their machinery, and the app’s advanced algorithms identify areas for improvement. For example, clients with equipment like tractors can discover how to integrate igus products effectively.

igus will be present at Hannover Messe, Hall 6, Stand E26


2/ The Role of Artificial Intelligence

A Comprehensive Overview with Beckhoff

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently reshaping traditional manufacturing processes and revolutionizing the industry. From enhancing productivity to fostering sustainability, AI holds immense potential.

Fabian Bause, Product Manager at Beckhoff, emphasizes that AI should be understood as a versatile tool for process automation. By leveraging AI-driven optimization, manufacturers can uphold quality standards, mitigate waste, and strike a balance between profitability and resource conservation.

Beckhoff will be at Hannover Messe Hall 9, Stand F06


Altair and romAI

We spoke with Mirko Bromberger, Marketing Director at software provider Altair, about the impact of machine learning and AI on businesses, particularly in terms of sustainability. Altair is showcasing some of their solutions at Hannover Messe this year.

One of them is romAI and is designed for complex systems: In scenarios like thermodynamics or fluid-structure interaction, where real-time information is crucial, traditional co-simulation methods may be slow. Altair’s approach, using Reduced Order Models (romAI), integrates neural networks to process results from intricate processes. This enhances system performance, even in control loop scenarios such as machinery operations.

Altair will be present at Hannover Messe Hall 17, Stand D25


3/ Revolutionizing Manufacturing

The SmartFactoryKL Initiative

The SmartFactoryKL initiative, established in 2005 and based at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in Kaiserslautern, aims to transform traditional factories into intelligent, interconnected hubs. With 45 members including Siemens, Stäubli, B&R, Fujitsu, Rexroth, Makino, and Yaskawa, it focuses on addressing challenges faced by manufacturers worldwide. One key challenge is data overload, which the initiative tackles by streamlining data management.

By fostering connectivity among factories and prioritizing secure data sharing, SmartFactoryKL paves the way for collaboration, efficiency, and sustainability in manufacturing.

The SmartFactoryKL will be demonstrating some of their solutions at Hannover Messe Hall 8, Stand D18.


Schneider’s EcoStruxure Plant Lean Management

Schneider Electric is introducing its EcoStruxure Plant Lean Management at Hannover Messe which aims to revolutionize lean manufacturing practices. It represents a significant step forward in optimizing plant operations and lean management practices.

The solution digitizes the lean manufacturing SIM (Short Interval Management) process. This facilitates short-interval management meeting cycles, allowing for more efficient decision-making and optimization. It can be implemented in single or multiple sites, even across hundreds of locations.

The solution utilizes the AVIVA Data Hub, an IoT open platform.

Schneider Electric will be present at Hannover Messe, Hall 11, Stand C52.


exoIQ’s Exoskeleton

The S700 Active Shoulder Exoskeleton stands out as the world’s first active exoskeleton designed specifically for industrial use. Its key features include:

  1. Relief for Arm, Neck, and Shoulder Muscles: The S700 offers relief for these crucial areas, reducing strain and fatigue during industrial tasks.
  2. Real-Time Ergonomics Assessment and Reporting: Through the exoIQ app, users can receive real-time feedback on their ergonomics. This feature helps optimize posture and prevent injuries.

exoIQ is present at Hannover Messe Hall 7, Stand F22