Operate Your Plant From Your Phone


Controlling a plant or a piece of equipment with your phone has never been so easy. Software developer spscontrol designed a human-machine interface (HMI) for smartphones and tablets that enables employees to safely operate industrial plants and equipment from a remote location.

Specifically designed for convenient and ergonomic industrial control, the spscontrol app can be purchased from the company’s HMI web store and is ready-to-use on multiple mobile devices just like any ordinary app.

The interface is primarily for employees in industrial facilities which operate equipments such as conveyors, pumps, pollution control devices and air conditioning systems.  For example, the app can rapidly display energy measurements and information from data loggers and network monitors. Manufacturers  can also include the app in their equipment.

A standard Modbus/TCP interface enables communication between the app and the plant and equipments. A VPN ensures the connection is safe while an encrypted file system embedded in the app offers a high level of security.

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