CES 2016: A Low-Power and Long-Range Wi-Fi Solution

During last week’s Las Vegas electronics show, the Wi-Fi Alliance presented Wi-Fi HaLow, an energy-efficient connectivity solution for Wi-Fi products. It complements existing Wi-Fi technologies, and is intended for areas where sensors and wearable devices require low-power connectivity, including smart cities and industrial environments.

Its range is twice that of normal Wi-Fi thanks to frequency bands below one gigahertz (900 MHz vs. the 2.4 GHz standard). This enables it to transmit signals farther, but also offers power efficiency. Wi-Fi HaLow also ensures connection in difficult environments, for example by penetrating walls more easily.

Wi-Fi HaLow will also find applications in the IoT, as its devices support existing Wi-Fi protocols, such as IP-based connectivity, to link to the cloud. In addition, thousands of devices can connect to a single access point.

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