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MS-Innov: The Newcomer in French Cobotics

MS-Innov: The Newcomer in French Cobotics
With its modular cobots, French start-up MS-Innov is making its entry into the manufacturing sector. (Credit: MS-Innov)

With its modular cobots, French company MS-Innov is making its entry into the manufacturing sector. While at Global Industrie, we met Jules Lamboeuf, project manager at MS-Innov to learn more about this newcomer.

It’s not every day that new French robots and cobot brands appear on the market. So, at Global Industrie, the industrial trade fair held in Paris last week, the company MS-INNOV stood out with its dark gray cobot.

The two key distinguishing factors of MS-Innov’s cobots lie in their modularity capability and infinite rotation across all axes. For this, MS-Innov has filed two patents.


The MS-Innov cobots are available in 4-axis, 5-axis, and 6-axis configurations. It is available in two sizes – M and S. And it also features three module types – M1, M2, and M3. These cobots therefore offer scalability and customization to meet varying payload requirements and reach. Those various configurations are also coupled with a variety of end-of-arm tools suited for diverse applications. These include cameras, grippers, and more.

MS-Innov focuses on ease of installation. The cobots can be assembled manually within minutes, thanks to an intuitive nut-and-bolt system.

According to Jules Lamboeuf, project manager at MS-Innov,

“The objective today is that once the cobot is purchased and once it is no longer needed, it is not simply dormant and unused. If a customer buys a six-axis cobot, tomorrow they will be able to reconfigure it for another application scenario in four axes or five axes according to their needs. The goal is to avoid having idle equipment in companies and to ensure that the customer is truly flexible with their equipment.”

This emphasis on flexibility addresses the evolving needs of the industry. The cobots are thus adaptable to a wide range of tasks.

Modular cobotics is not solely the domain of MS-INNOV. Beckhoff, whom we met last year at Hannover Messe, has already introduced its modular cobot that assembles like Lego blocks.

While at Global Industrie, we met Jules Lamboeuf, project manager at MS-Innov to learn more about this newcomer (H. DHOUIBI)

Infinite Rotation

The other standout feature of MS-Innov’s cobots is their ability to rotate infinitely which they say, surpasses traditional systems.

Unlike traditional systems where modules are interconnected via cables, MS-Innov’s cobots utilize pins to transmit both information and power. This therefore enables seamless rotation on all axes. 

“This innovation not only saves time but also streamlines production processes by eliminating the need for repositioning.” 

However, while the cobots boast seamless rotation, considerations must be made for the tool power supply. All cables must indeed pass through the robot’s interior. The company states that they aim to ensure rotation can be performed with any tool at the end of the arm.


The versatility of MS-Innov’s cobots extends to their wide range of applications, spanning industries such as textiles and metallurgy.

Designed primarily for the manufacturing industry, MS-Innov’s cobots aim to assist human collaborators in executing repetitive tasks. By shouldering these mundane responsibilities, the cobots enable human workers to upskill and focus on tasks requiring a human touch. 

“With Industry 4.0, there was a lot of replacement of human beings with robots. And now, with cobots, we are instead placing humans back at the center of the production chain and the value chain.”


In terms of programming, MS-Innov prioritizes user-friendly interfaces, allowing operators with minimal programming skills to configure the robots effortlessly. Their proprietary software, Marcus, employs a block-based programming approach. This simplifies the programming process to drag-and-drop blocks without delving into complex code.

For advanced users seeking greater customization, access to the underlying code is available, ensuring flexibility without sacrificing usability.

Made in France

MS-Innov benefited from support from French government initiatives such as France Relance and France 2030 to industrialize its cobots.

The components come 40% from France and 89% from Europe. The cobots are manufactured in France.

Price and Commercialization

When it comes to distribution, MS-Innov is collaborating with integrators to reach customers effectively. Regarding the prices, because they offer a modular solution, prices are highly adaptable. Here are three examples of configurations and their price ranges:

In a “4 AXES” configuration, with a reach of 740 mm and a payload of 27 kg, expect €1,187 excluding taxes per month or €38,718 excluding taxes.

For a “5 AXES” cobot, with a reach of 820 mm and a payload of 15 kg, expect €356 excluding taxes per month or €43,659 excluding taxes.

For a “6 AXES” cobot, with a reach of 900 mm and a payload of 11 kg, expect €1,508 excluding taxes per month or €48,600 excluding taxes.

A launch offer is available with a MORFOSE 6 AXIS, sizes S and/or M, sold for €37,000 excluding VAT instead of €48,600 excluding VAT, excluding delivery charges.