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Introducing DECT NR+, The World’s First Noncellular 5G Technology Standard

Introducing DECT NR+, The World’s First Noncellular 5G Technology Standard
At this year’s Hannover Messe, Nordic Semiconductor is showcasing their DECT-NR+, a wireless technology that bridges the gap between noncellular networks and 5G standards. (Credit: AdobeStock)

Norwegian company Nordic Semiconductor evolved from a startup specializing in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to a global leader in wireless solutions. At this year’s Hannover Messe, they are showcasing the new NR+ standard, a wireless technology that bridges the gap between noncellular networks and 5G standards. We met them last month at Hannover Messe Press Preview.

Nordic Semiconductor is a Norwegian company that first started as a Bluetooth Low Energy company. Their portfolio now extends beyond BLE, encompassing cellular IoT, Wi-Fi, and Power Management ICs. They also offer cloud solutions to empower businesses worldwide.

For their first participation at Hannover Messe, they are leveraging their existing low-power nRF91 Series technology to offer a seamless and highly integrated DECT NR+ solution

DECT-NR+: The Convergence of Innovation

What Is DECT-NR+?

DECT-NR+ is not just another wireless protocol; it’s a paradigm shift. Approved by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) as a 5G standard, this technology combines the best of both worlds: the reliability of DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) and the transformative power of 5G. 

What Sets NR+ Apart?

Unlike traditional cellular networks, NR+ operates independently of base stations. It’s a decentralized solution that thrives in environments where setting up cell towers is impractical or costly.

According to a representative of the company we met during the Hannover Messe Press Preview last month, Nordic Semiconductor plays a pivotal role in making NR+ a reality. 

“Our nRF91 series chipsets provide the hardware foundation for this revolutionary technology. These chipsets enable seamless communication, low latency, and robust connectivity.”

Besides, IoT company WirePas, their trusted partner, leverages the nRF91 series to build a 5G mesh solution. 

“This software runs directly on our chipsets, creating a resilient network that adapts to diverse scenarios.”

Applications and Use Cases

Industrial IoT

According to the company, NR+ finds its sweet spot in industrial IoT where a multitude of sensors, devices, and machinery are connected across a factory floor. 

For example, NR+ excels in scenarios where data transmission is frequent but lightweight. Whether monitoring production lines, tracking inventory, or ensuring worker safety, NR+ delivers efficiency and reliability.

Smart Metering

Smart metering is another area of application. From electricity and water meters to gas pipelines, NR+ enables seamless communication. Its low power consumption ensures extended battery life, while its private infrastructure guarantees data security.

Smart City Lights

City lights play a crucial role in urban life. NR+ allows municipalities to create intelligent lighting networks. By setting up NR+ infrastructure, cities can optimize energy usage, remotely control lighting, and enhance safety.

Micro Cities and Beyond

Airports, shopping malls, and business parks—these micro cities benefit from NR+. Whether managing parking lots, surveillance cameras, or environmental sensors, NR+ simplifies connectivity.

Nordic Semiconductor will showcase its products at Hannover Messe: Hall 14, Stand H06