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Innovate Manufacturing, the Motto of EMO Hanover 2023

Innovate Manufacturing, the Motto of EMO Hanover 2023
The EMO machine tool exhibition will take place in Hanover from September 18th to 23rd and is expected to host 1500 exhibitors.

The EMO machine tool exhibition will take place in Hannover from September 18th to 23rd and is expected to host 1500 exhibitors. This year, the motto is Innovative Manufacturing, as the exhibition aims to be the ideal platform for guiding the industry toward digital transformation. DirectIndustry is a partner of the fair this year.

EMO is the global exhibition for production technologies, with a focus on cutting and forming machines. However, this year’s emphasis is on digitization and innovative production. According to Wilfried Schäfer, the Managing Director of EMO VDW (the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), the exhibition aims to offer new perspectives for industrialists. Digitization, sustainability, and future business, under the banner of innovative manufacturing, are the three pillars of this 2023 edition.


Digitization provides a fresh impetus to industrial production, enabling gains in quality, flexibility, and productivity, explained Mr. Schäfer during a press conference in Paris last week:

“With digitization, we aim to utilize data to derive new functionalities, such as predictive maintenance, to minimize downtime. Processes become more efficient and sustainable, while workflows become more flexible. New value-added strategies and business models emerge.”

For the organizers, EMO aims to be a platform for discussion and exchange on these new challenges, seeking solutions to optimize existing practices and integrate them in the long term.


New constraints and emerging legislative frameworks, such as the Green Deal in Europe, are forcing companies to integrate sustainability into their production processes.

“Companies will need to produce smaller batch sizes, have shorter production cycles, and gain more agility. Significant changes are happening in the B2B sector, which is pushing for changes in production methods.”

All production processes need to be reviewed to incorporate water consumption, packaging, lubricants, and other aspects to make production greener and more energy-efficient. In this regard, a special area dedicated to sustainability in production will be provided during the fair.

For Michael Rose, Director of Deutsche Messe,

“Sustainability has become a common thread in all the exhibitions we organize. Exhibitors no longer see it as a constraint but as an opportunity for innovation.”

In this regard, the exhibition will be powered by green electricity. Electric vehicles will enable exhibitors to move from one hall to another. The stands are also designed to be sustainable, utilizing recycled materials.

Future Business

To address the industry’s new challenges, this year’s exhibition highlights future insights in response to the industry’s needs. “The Future of Business” focuses on new markets, presenting new business models and work methods.

The exhibition first emphasizes IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and connectivity. Connectivity is the foundation for vertical networking within the factory and horizontal networking with suppliers and customers throughout the value chain.

For this purpose, the industry needs standardized solutions. The global production language based on OPC UA, known internationally as umati, will be showcased. At the exhibition, 23 machine tools will also be interconnected.

The exhibition will also address the labor shortage in the industry, explained Mr. Schäfer:

“It’s not only IT and software engineers that are lacking. The industry is also desperately lacking skilled workers in production. Automation is, therefore, more necessary than ever to cope with this situation.”

Cobots (collaborative robots) will be in action in the solution area of the exhibition.

The exhibition aims to highlight careers in the industry to improve their attractiveness among young people. Modern vocational training programs will also be emphasized.

The Production of Tomorrow

Likewise, the production of the future will be highlighted. A comprehensive package is offered for start-ups to exhibit at EMO. Start-ups will have the option to rent stands according to their preferences and not necessarily for the entire duration of the exhibition.

“Similarly, start-ups located far away, such as in the USA or even Israel, for whom it is more difficult to attend physically, will have access to a 3D version of the exhibition, where their avatars will present the key features of their companies.”

Overall, the EMO 2023 exhibition aims to provide a comprehensive platform for showcasing innovative manufacturing, discussing digitization and sustainability, addressing labor shortages, promoting industrial careers, and supporting start-ups in the industry. It serves as a hub for industry professionals to explore new technologies, exchange ideas, and find solutions to shape the future of manufacturing.