The Factory of the Future: Progress and Challenges (Infographics)

The Factory of the Future: Progress and Challenges (Infographics)

According to a recent survey of IT and OT decision-makers from 204 European industrial companies with more than 500 employees, 63% of the respondents have already embarked on smart factory initiatives. This percentage is expected to rise sharply over the next 5 years. 37% of them say they are in the planning phase.

Commissioned by European analyst firm teknowlogy Group, and edge computing solutions provider Stratus Technologies, this survey confirms the European interest in the factory of the future.

  • Indeed, 45% of the companies surveyed said they made a return on investment in less than a year.
  • For 66% of them, the factory of the future is at least 7th (out of 10) of their priorities. Expected improvements include unparalleled levels of efficiency and profitability, better results and reduced costs.
  • However, as with any new technology, the greatest difficulties with the projects lie in their deployment: the cost of investment is an obstacle to the adoption of intelligent technologies for more than half of the respondents (58%).
  • 47% admit that the lack of skills prevents their projects from succeeding.

This graphic (courtesy of teknowlogy Group) presents the conclusions of the survey. The whole report can be downloaded here.

Infographics Smart Factory Infographics Smart Factory Infographics Smart Factory

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