[LIVEWORX 2018] New Partnerships for PTC

Orbs of light and dancers opened PTC’s LiveWorx 2018, the digital transformation conference that took place last week in Boston. We were invited to attend PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann’s keynote address where he announced three new partnerships with Rockwell, Microsoft and Ansys.

Partnerships are not a new strategy for PTC, but Heppelman reckons that today’s fast-evolving technologies are forcing everyone to look for allies with the top players in every sector. PTC has also become increasingly factory-focused. With Rockwell’s 1-billion-dollar investment, the software’s editor ensures its strategic position in the industry 4.0 market.

Technically, this new partnership implies that PTC’s tools like ThingWorx and Vuforia are combined with Rockwell’s FactoryTalk MES & Analytics. The partnership with Microsoft is a broader one that includes Thingworx running on Azure and in the mixed-reality device Hololens.

As for the partnership with Ansys, Heppelmann said PTC will integrate Ansys’s Discovery Live simulation solution into their solution Creo.


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