[EMO 2017] Teach Your Robot

“Just move the robot into the required position, set up a point and that’s it. You’ve taught the robot,” says KUKA engineer Fabian Gerke during EMO Hannover.

KUKA has shaken up the German fair again this year with a robot that is taught instead of being programmed. Ready2_pilot is aimed at making industrial robots easier to control, eliminating the need for any special training in code or programming. The operator just moves the robot to different positions that are recorded one after the other. The robot can reproduce the movements, shifting itself from point to point.

Is this the beginning of cognitive robotics? For Martin Lehl, solution engineer at KUKA, this approaches a cognitive system.

Besides, will robots become the new musicians of the future? Musical artist Nigel Stanford used KUKA robots to play music. Watch the incredible video (Courtesy of Nigel Stanford).

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