[CES 2019] Anyone Can Understand and Use Blockchain with Rockside

The complexity of blockchain can seem overwhelming. That’s why the French multinational energy firm ENGIE, in partnership with IT consultant Maltem, launched the startup Blockchain Studio: to help the average Joe create their blockchain-based projects.

January 8, 2019⸻During the CES event in Las Vegas, ENGIE presented several of its latest on-going projects, including Dojo and Rockside by Blockchain Studio.

Two years ago, ENGIE launched a challenge with the sole purpose of rendering blockchain more comprehensible for the general person or businessman. This resulted in a software that ENGIE found promising enough to create its startup Blockchain Studio. The software developed simplifies Blockchain code creation, according to Corentin Denoeud, logistics specialist at Blockchain Studio, who spoke to DirectIndustry e-magazine on the first day of the event:

Users can test their projects using the Dojo tool and then stretch the idea further with Rockside, which allows them to fully produce their blockchain project. Rockside makes the connection between the identification system and the blockchain System. Since an ID is obligatory to use blockchain, Rockside not only helps with blockchain coding but also other complexities like the interface.

Denoeud explained that without blockchain, companies need a 3rd party or subparty for data collection and analysis. Implementing blockchain will undoubtedly reduce costs for such parties. Well, for those who find blockchain confusing, give it a shot.

About the Author

Erin Tallman is an American writer and Deputy Editor of ArchiExpo e-magazine. She writes novels and contributes to several online magazines like DirectIndustry e-magazine.

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