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French Mistral AI Releases New LLM and Partners With Microsoft

French Mistral AI Releases New LLM and Partners With Microsoft
Mistral AI team (Credit: Mistral AI)

Double news in the world of AI. French company Mistral AI, often touted as the French rival to OpenAI, has just released Mistral Large, its latest model which is said to be nearly as effective as GPT-4. The company also announced yesterday that it is collaborating with Microsoft to develop these products for the market.

Mistral AI continues its offensive to become the European AI company capable of competing with the inventor of ChatGPT, OpenAI. Yesterday, Mistral AI unveiled its new language model, Large, along with a conversational assistant, Le Chat. This chatbot is currently only available for businesses.

Au Large

On their website, the French AI start-up Mistral AI wrote:

“Mistral Large is our new cutting-edge text generation model. It reaches top-tier reasoning capabilities. It can be used for complex multilingual reasoning tasks, including text understanding, transformation, and code generation.

Mistral Large achieves strong results on commonly used benchmarks, making it the world’s second-ranked model generally available through an API (next to GPT-4)”

In a press release, Arthur Mensch, cofounder and CEO of Mistral AI said:

 “This is a significant milestone for us, as the unparalleled performance of this multilingual model will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with frontier AI.”

Mistral Large is fluent in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

Partnership With Microsoft

This announcement comes with another announcement, that of the partnership with Microsoft, which already collaborates with OpenAI.

Large is thus available for Azure AI customers, Microsoft’s platform.