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DINGS’ Motion: “As Long as the Bio & Healthcare Industry Continues to Grow, the Need for Linear Actuators Will Too”

DINGS’ Motion: “As Long as the Bio & Healthcare Industry Continues to Grow, the Need for Linear Actuators Will Too”
DINGS’ Motion, which specializes in precision linear and rotary positioning solutions mainly for the bio-medical and healthcare industries.

On the occasion of our special focus on China’s industry, we are presenting different Chinese companies in various industrial sectors. In this article, we focus on DINGS’ Motion, which specializes in precision linear and rotary positioning solutions mainly for the bio-medical and healthcare industries. Daniel Jang, Vice President in charge of International Sales and Marketing, tells us more about the company.

This interview was conducted in collaboration with VE China.

Can you tell us more about your company’s history?

Daniel JANG: DINGS’ was established in 2008 in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province of China. We now have offices in the USA, South Korea, and Germany. We cover 30 countries with long-term regional distributors and we export our products to 50 countries.

We have been listed on the NEEQ Stock market since last year. We are now preparing an initial public offering (IPO) to be officially listed on the Beijing stock market. This will probably be effective by the end of 2022.

What kind of products do you manufacture?

Daniel JANG: For the last 10 years, we have been manufacturing core products such as stepper motor-based linear actuators. We have special technology to machine and assemble lead and ball screws into stepper motors. It transforms the rotary motion of the motor into linear motion.

This enables machine or application designers to reduce all conventional mechanical parts or components to link motor and mounting brackets. It helps our customers for example design their machines or equipment in a more compact and simple way.

For the next 10 years, DINGS’ is envisioning a new momentum with brushless DC motors and various motion controllers. There are lots of brushless DC motor manufacturers. But as DINGS’ was successful in building stepper-driven linear actuators, we would like to challenge Brushless DC Motor driven linear actuators and modules, which other competitors have not challenged yet. To take a leadership role in this new product lineup, DINGS’ is also focusing on various motion controllers from economic to mid-end and high-end to help customers have more selection. DINGS’ believes it will guarantee the next jump-up and growth for the next 10 years.

What are the main applications of your products?

Daniel JANG: So far, DINGS’ stepper linear actuators are used by more than 3,000 customers worldwide, especially in the bio-medical, healthcare, and industrial automation sectors. For the biomedical industry, our products are mainly used for diagnostics. For the healthcare sector, it is for treatment and cosmetology. Laboratory applications include automated testers and analyzers. In the industrial automation sector, our products are used for mobile phones, display technology, and semiconductor manufacturing. Recently, we have found new opportunities in smart robotics and logistics.

We believe we already have a very concrete customer platform so it will bring us a great driving force to launch new products such as Brushless DC motors and motion controllers. 

I’d like to highlight that the bio-medical and healthcare industries have become our major areas of application. With COVID-19, there were huge demands from the market to manufacture diagnostics; testers, and analyzers in local healthcare centers; airports; hospitals; laboratories; etc. As long as the bio & healthcare industry continues to grow, the need for DINGS’ linear actuators will too.

How do you evaluate the competition in your sector?

Daniel JANG: There are currently a few hundred stepper-driven linear actuator manufacturers. But automation is a very conservative market and it is rare for customers to switch suppliers for price reasons only. Customers care about technology, quality, supply chain management, cost, service and support.

DINGS’ only started this business in 2008, so we are very lucky to have taken on a leadership position in this market. But the competition is very tough, this is why we would like to focus on brushless DC motor linear actuators.

Motors are quite a common commodity, but we have some key advantages: the way we assemble linear products, and our additional services for customers (for example, screw, encoders, brakes, special customization plus motion controllers, etc.). We also provide a full package of support and service called “Plus Alpha.” Also due to COVID-19, engineers are more likely to seek their solutions online. DINGS’ also invests heavily in online marketing and recently set up a global marketing organization in Korea with experts. This will also help DINGS’ widen the gap with competitors.