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[BUYING GUIDES] Robots, Cobots, AGV: How to Choose the Right Automation System?

[BUYING GUIDES] Robots, Cobots, AGV: How to Choose the Right Automation System?
[BUYING GUIDES] Robots, Cobots, AGV: How to Choose the Right Automation System? (iStock)

The pandemic has accelerated the digitization and automation of industry. After two years of COVID-19, the adoption of robots, cobots, and AGV is strongly accelerating even in sectors that were not familiar with automation previously. But it is not often easy to choose the right automation system, especially since there are many manufacturers. We have thus produced several buying guides with tips and recommendations to help you choose the right product for your needs.

Hicham Dhouibi, Monica Hutchings, and Camille Rustici contributed to these buying guides.

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How to Choose the Right Industrial Robot?

A KUKA articulated robot

Industrial robots are versatile, multifunction technicians, reprogrammable on 2 or more axes. Industrial robots are designed to move materials, parts or tools through variable and programmable movements in order to accomplish various tasks. Thanks to their flexibility, industrial robots are used in all industrial sectors.

How to Choose the Right Cobot?

ABB cobot YuMi

Among the latest developments in robotics is the arrival of collaborative robots, or cobots, which has revolutionized the industrial world.

Collaborative robots are complex machines that work hand in hand with human beings. They support and relieve the human operator in a work-sharing process.

How to Choose the Right AGV?

MSK electric fork AGV

An AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) is a self-guided vehicle that moves autonomously according to a planned route, using different technologies such as a magnetic strip, a track, a laser or a GPS.
They are generally used to transport products, raw materials, pallets and other objects.