Big Data Means Big Business, Brexit or No

    Amid the Brexit confusion, technology is not often mentioned but isn’t necessarily forgotten. Some high-profile tech companies have hinted they might leave the UK. But others think the change could bring huge benefits in terms of growth and advances in technology.

    One company that does not see Brexit as a real threat is IBM, which  is investing heavily in UK operations. With client demand for cloud access spiraling, the company has tripled its cloud data center capacity.

    Phil Hussey is IBM’s Brexit business development leader for the UK and Ireland. He says IBM has been preparing diligently for Brexit. A key issue is ensuring the free flow of data between the UK and Europe. Asked if the Brexit could be a major hindrance to technology advance, Mr. Hussey said:

    IBM’s investment reflects the strength of the UK economy and the size of the opportunity in cloud computing. UK customers understand the capabilities of the cloud to drive innovation, to provide better insight for decision making and to deliver better customer service. IBM is well positioned for any post-Brexit scenario, with 16 data centers located across Europe to serve the needs of our clients.

    However, Hussey said IBM is not speculating about possible Brexit-driven impacts on technology pricing should trade tariffs be imposed on the UK. He went on to explain how IBM is lining up to protect itself from Brexit.

    IBM is preparing for Brexit, and has a new Brexit Transformation Lab in London which offers clients ‘trigger for transformation’ consulting workshops, initially focusing on financial services.

    One of the major issues in the Brexit vote was immigration. We asked Hussey if IBM expects a tech drain once Brexit is implemented.

    The key to stopping a tech drain is based around three essentials: ensuring the free flow of data between the UK and the EU, ensuring investment in domestic innovation and research, and the need to work on an agreement to provide adequate protection for personal data in the UK.

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