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Editorial Independence

Our Mission Statement is to deliver accurate news reporting about innovations to our readers. All of our articles are fact-checked, unbiased and fully independent from any advertising consideration.

We welcome your reactions and comments at editor-di@directindustry.com


Editor In Chief
Camille Rustici
Vincent Gérard
Graphic Designer
Valentine Jaque

Corentin Thiercelin
Marketing Director
Isabelle Point-Falek
Fred Jaillet

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Editorial: camille.rustici@directindustry.com
Advertising: advertising@directindustry.com
Location: DirectIndustry - 17 avenue André Roussin - 13016 Marseille - France
Telephone: +33 (0)

Legal Information

Listed with the Marseille Trade and Companies Register (RCS n°: 432439701)
Registered share capital of 60,000 euros
Hosting: Agarik, 20 rue Dieumegard, 93400 Saint Ouen - Telephone: +33 (0)

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