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[YII2019] Bentley Systems and Topcon Form a New Digital Integration Services Company for the Construction Sector

[YII2019] Bentley Systems and Topcon Form a New Digital Integration Services Company for the Construction Sector

SINGAPORE – Oct. 21, 2019 – Bentley Systems and Topcon Positioning Systems announced their new joint-venture today at Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure Conference (YII) in Singapore. Digital Construction Works will automate construction workflows throughout a project’s entire lifecycle with the use of digital tools.

Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems and Ray O’Connor, CEO of Topcon Positioning Systems announced today a new joint-venture company, Digital Construction Works (DCW) at the inaugural YII press conference in Singapore. Digital Construction Works is said to improve and automate construction processes, from planning to design and operations, using digital twins and other cloud services


The construction industry has been slower than other sectors to make the digital transformation. Even now, construction projects are mainly paper-based. With companies like DCW, however, the sector is starting to fully participate in the digital revolution. During the press conference, Ray O’Connor said :

The fundamental problem that we are all facing, working in the construction industry and infrastructure business is the tendency to deal with low-hanging fruits. We, at Topcon, make the measurements instruments and the machine controller devices. And we could not understand why we couldn’t get the workflows from the engineering all the way to the final inspection of the job. What could we do in order to make those workflows become more of a reality?

Engineers, indeed, are not necessarily discussing with the contractors on how they do their work.

How do you automate the entire workflow if you don’t understand the people you are sending the designs to, if you don’t have the knowledge of how they work?

The new tool will bring together engineers and contractors and enable the connection of different resources from Bentley Systems, Topcon and even other third parties. Project teams will have better visibility through access to data and analytics which will result in better planning and reduced costs and delays.

Nearly 50 people with knowledge in planning, survey, design, execution and inspection are part of the new company. Ted Lamboo, ex-Bentley VP in charge of partnerships is the new appointed DCW CEO.

With Digital Construction Works, Bentley Systems and Topcon are taking a collaboration that was started in 2016 a step further. This has led to the development of cloud services for constructioneering. With this new alliance, the two leaders hope to establish themselves as the spearheads of the sector’s transformation.

And the digital transformation for the construction the biggest challenge of the future. The waste that goes on in construction is concerning, explains Ray O’Connor.

McKinsey report will tell you, there was no significant  increase in productivity in construction jobs since the 1950s. This has to change if we want to meet the demand the society puts on us for the infrastructure that’s needed to support the next 2 billion people that are coming to the planet.

According to experts, 80% of construction projects experience cost overruns due to lack of performance management and poor coordination between the office and the field. The World Economic Forum estimates that a full-scale digitization over a 10 year-window could save up to USD 1.2 trillion in design, engineering and construction efforts.