SkyWay Technologies Presents New High-Speed Transportation in Berlin

At this year’s InnoTrans trade fair, held in Berlin at the “Messe Berlin” center from September 81-21, SkyWay Technologies presented a high-speed unibus able to accelerate up to 500 km/h for the first time. The unibus’ statistics make it a record-holder for minor high-speed wheeled vehicles: moving at 500 km/h for a drag factor of Cx = 0.06 with an energy consumption of 0.93 kg/100 passengers × km in fuel equivalent. If moving at 100 km/h the energy consumption goes down to less than 0.1 kg/100 passengers × km.

SkyWay also presented a unicar for urban travel able to go up to 150 km/h carrying 18 passengers. The unicar has passed a range of tests and certifications, and is another record-holder for efficiency in its category with energy consumption at 0.12 kg/100 passengers × km in fuel equivalent going at 100 km/h.

SkyWay technologies is a transport/infrastructure project uniting 700 technical specialists and experts working towards innovation. The goal is to develop solutions that offer new ways of organizing the transportation of passengers and cargo with aerodynamic, autonomous vehicles.

About the Author

Monica Hutchings is a Canadian writer and translator from Toronto who has worked on everything from technical descriptions to academic journals. She is our in-house copy editor.

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