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    FreeCon Contactless is Weidmüller’s new system for transferring electrical power from one element to another without physical contact. Entirely wear-free, it eliminates maintenance, downtime and production problems due to damaged or dirty contacts. These are especially prevalent in applications requiring frequent...

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    TenneT, the European electricity transmission operator, has elaborated a plan for building large offshore wind farms interconnected through an island hub in the middle of the North Sea. In this hub-and-spoke structure, the spokes would constitute international electricity highways. Green electricity transmitted via...


    The drone revolution can take off only if improved battery technology allows UAVs to stay aloft longer.   While drones are getting smaller, faster and sturdier, one aspect has seen little recent improvement: batteries. Most quadcopters can fly only 20-30 minutes on a charge, and even less with heavier payloads or on...

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