Tour your Property Before Visiting it

Courtesy of Opto

Buying a property from afar has become commonplace among investors, who typically rely on photos, videos and descriptions to try to visualize the whole picture. Now, with Opto Air, potential buyers can tour every corner of their future homes without moving from their chair.

The world’s first portable virtual reality (VR) headset with integrated audio was launched at Gitex last week in Dubai after months of research and development in London. So strings attached, no cables, the speakers are built-in.

Compatible with all major smartphones, Opto makes it easy for users to download apps and watch videos on the headset, including customized VR apps from property developers.

The system provides an expansive, 360-degree view, enabling users to inspect the ceiling, walk down the stairs or simply move between rooms. Tom Jarvis is Opto’s chief design officer.

Many people tend to buy property without even visiting it. They do that online or over the phone from a different country. This is one way to view a property without necessarily having to travel to it. 

Besides real estate, Jarvis noted that education/training is another high-potential market for the VR device.

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