The Race to Develop Low-Cost SLS 3D Printers Starts Again

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At last September’s Euromold in Dusseldorf, the world’s largest 3D printing and additive manufacturing show, Sintratec introduced the S1, a user-friendly, low-cost, desktop 3D laser sintering printer. At less than 9000 euros, this machine relaunches the race for inexpensive professional 3D printers.

Christian von Burg is the co-founder and CTO of the small Swiss company:

“Our 3D printer comes already assembled, which is different from our first kit which was a build-it-yourself printer requiring two days to put together.”

Print in Black

The printer’s laser sintering makes it possible to print fine details. The base material is nylon powder, the same as in expensive systems. The laser melts the powder to create hard plastic objects.

“Sintratec’s 3D printer uses a compact laser diode and operates within the visible light spectrum, ensuring optimal print quality. In addition, the parts obtained are black, better absorbing the light and offering greater UV stability. All products can be surface-finished and colored at any time.”

Sintratec has successfully tested wax powder in its ongoing search for new materials.

Form Flexibility

Laser sintering technology makes it possible to print complex objects without additional support structures. This provides a significant degree of freedom of form. It can even produce moving parts. All these products offer high mechanical load capacity and long-term stability.

The machine also can print multiple pieces at the same time, in layers from 100 to 150 microns thick. A print volume of about 15x15x20 cm requires two liters of powder. Printing is continuous until the powder is exhausted.

“This technology is particularly suitable for functional prototyping and pilot studies, as well as for those who require rapid prototyping, such as architects, designers and artists. But we’re seeing more and more interest from the automotive industry.”

S1 comes with Sintratec Central, the company’s proprietary printing software. It is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, OSX and Linux.

Courtesy of Sintratec

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