Chainless Automatic Tool Changing with CTA 20 HSL

The Turin-based company CFT Rizzardi won the i-NOVO Tech Award 2015 at EMO in Milan for its CTA 20 HSL tool changer with 100-tool magazine.

Production Manager Roberto Rizzardi talked to Directindustry e-magazine about this technology.

Roberto Rizzardi

Roberto Rizzardi

Production Manager

DirectIndustry e-magazine: For what purpose was the CTA 20 HSL developed?

Roberto Rizzardi: We designed it for our customers in the watch and jewellery industry who needed a tool changer with a high-capacity magazine that would give them greater versatility. But they did not want a magazine with a large footprint because they use small machine tools and space is relatively limited. So it had to be very compact.

DirectIndustry e-magazine: How did you make the CTA 20 HSL so compact?

Roberto Rizzardi: The tool holders are not linked to each other by a chain. Instead they are independent and each one pushes the one in front around a track that can go around curves and through 90°. It means the magazine structure can be adapted to follow the shape of each machine and make the most of the available space. Our chainless system is patented and unique.

DirectIndustry e-magazine: How does it work?

Roberto Rizzardi: All the movements are made with electric motors: a brushless servo motor moves the magazine, and a single three-phase, self-braking motor controls the movements for grasping, extracting, exchanging and inserting the tools, all synchronized at very high speed by a cam mechanism. And it does not have hydraulic drives, which can be dirty and difficult to refurbish and refill.

DirectIndustry e-magazine: What are its other features?

Roberto Rizzardi: It can perform movements that an individual application may require, such as tilting the tool holder, which would be impossible on a tool changer with a chain-based magazine. The other advantages of a chainless system are that it is less prone to damage and requires less maintenance.


About the Author

David Porteous is a UK-based journalist with 25 years of experience in industry and engineering issues. He has a passionate interest in innovation and new technologies.

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