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    The Airbus Pop.Up, a flying concept car, surprised visitors to the Geneva car show last month. The modular electric vehicle consists of a passenger pod riding on a carbon fiber terrestrial chassis or carried aloft by a flight unit equipped with four pairs of counter-rotating rotors. A control system featuring...

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    Watch our interview. Cameras, sensors, radar are the new eyes of autonomous vehicles. But do you know about LiDaR? These optical systems create precise 3D maps of the environment in real time, ensuring safety by taking traffic signals, other cars and pedestrians into account. This sophisticated technology will make...


    Watch our special video report. Autonomous vehicles were one of the major attractions at IMTS this year. Several exhibitors were there to demonstrate the viability of such driverless vehicles. Despite the advanced technology, they are not yet extensively used. In search of answers, DirectIndustry e-magazine boarded...

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