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    Is a laser revolution underway? Whatever the answer, the winds of innovation were blowing last month at the Comau facility in northern Italy. The company unveiled Lhyte, a hybrid device combining a diode laser and a fiber laser. We were invited to attend the world premiere. Watch our video report to discover the new...

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    When BMW decided to build a new all-electric production vehicle, they knew there was little point in creating a sustainable car unless they followed the same philosophy at every stage of process. To achieve this, they required the right facility.   A Sustainable Leap in Leipzig Zero-emission cars often hide a dark...

    When the laser was patented in 1960, it was famously described as “a solution looking for a problem.” Since then, the laser (an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) has found myriad uses in diverse industries, and new applications are being developed all the time. The market for flat...

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