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    Samsung, Sony and Google have filed patents for smart contact lenses that take still pictures and video, or record and display information. The camera trigger is a light sensor that detects eyelid movement. In some versions, an embedded antenna sends images wirelessly to a smartphone for processing. The Samsung lens...

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    Synergys has introduced the first vibrational analysis camera, the V-SHOOTER VBS1T. After launching a clever leak-detection system, the French company now offers an innovative tool for vibration monitoring and analysis. The portable V-SHOOTER camera takes a machine condition picture. The automatic diagnosis system...

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    French company Photonis designed Kameleon, a low-light camera that can see in color, even at night. So far, night vision cameras only allowed monochrome and shadeless images, from black to green or red. This technical prowess lies in a new ultra-sensitive CMOS sensor able to detect the smallest light particles even in...

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