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    The adoption of additive manufacturing technology has accelerated in recent years thanks to advances in material science and design software. Use is growing in aeronautics and the automotive sector, and the nuclear industry is pushing into the game. In a December 2016 report on additive manufacturing, Gartner...


    Lubrication is needed for everything in the airplane industry, from the landing gear to the gear box for the engines. The safe operation of the aircraft depends on it. The Lifeblood of the Airplane Dave Nickson co-founded U.K.-based Sil-Mid, which stocks a wide range of lubricants from manufacturers including Shell...


    Jobs unveiled a new linear motor milling center, developed for composite machining in aeronautical applications, including die and parts machining, tool management and the treatment of machining residues. The five-axis LinX 35 compact motor milling machine uses a mobile crossbeam to support both high-speed and...

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