Speeding up Composites Machining


    Jobs unveiled a new linear motor milling center, developed for composite machining in aeronautical applications, including die and parts machining, tool management and the treatment of machining residues.

    The five-axis LinX 35 compact motor milling machine uses a mobile crossbeam to support both high-speed and high-power operations.

    Milling heads and spindles offer speeds as fast as 27,000 rpm and allow the machines to be tailored to specific machining applications. These include Bipolar T2D and T3D heads for automotive design and prototyping work, the T3D Aero-configuration head for aerospace components and the T3K head for mold and die machining.

    According to the company, this linear motor design minimizes maintenance because of the absence of wear-sensitive mechanical components. It also provides a better working environment for machinists thanks to its low operating noise level

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