SmartDrive, the Modular and MQL Machining Center

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Shown for the first time at EMO 2015, COMAU’s SmartDrive 800L is a horizontal machining center designed primarily for the fast, precise and flexible mechanical performance required in the automotive sector.

Its modular configurations enable the machine to perform with more flexibility. The operator can choose between linear and non-linear motors, depending on the level of precision.

To meet the needs of industry for low environmental impact, the machine is available in a MQL version. The Minimum Quantity Lubrication system uses small amounts of air and through-tool oil mist instead of conventional cutting fluids for a drier and greener machining process. This new system required redesign of the working chamber for more efficient disposal of shavings, as well as internal cleanliness.

SmartDrive also comes with a more intuitive digital interface. A new “get help” icon allows the operator to communicate with the machine, reducing problem diagnosis time and optimizing production.

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