Shocking Paint

    London-based Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint serves the same purpose as any other water-based paint, but also can carry an electric current. While not as conductive as metal wire, the firm says it’s suitable “for low-current circuits and sensors.” Users can paint a conductive strip onto nearly anything to create a circuit or a switch, or to repair a printed circuit board. The product also can be used for stenciling and screen printing. In addition, it’s solvent-free and non-toxic. Electric Paint is available in both tube and jar for direct or brush application. Mixed with baby oil to maintain its liquid form, the product can be used to make a tilt switch. It’s even possible to add music or sound effects to a poster by running the paint to a touch board or connecting via alligator clips. On a more practical note, a presence sensor can be painted onto a home’s threshold to warn of intruders.

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