Secure Testing of Electronic Devices

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Gossen Metrawatt won the i-NOVO Design Award 2015 at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg for its new SECUTEST PRO.

This test instrument ensures the secure testing of electronic devices according to international CE norms. Dieter Feulner, SECUTEST PRO product manager, told DirectIndustry e-magazine what makes its design outstanding.

Dieter Feulner_Secutest

DirectIndustry e-magazine: What are the main features of the SECUTEST PRO?

Dieter Feulner: The SECUTEST PRO is made for testing any kind of electrical device. Our former SECUTEST series of test instruments were mainly used in only one field (e.g., household, medical, welding equipment or electric tools).

The SECUTEST PRO also offers more measurement and test functions because it has an option for connecting a second test probe and has an electrically isolated voltage input. This makes it feasible to test permanently installed devices.

DirectIndustry e-magazine: Was it designed for use in particular conditions?

Dieter Feulner: We designed it for use in harsh and outdoor conditions in order to guarantee performance and mobility in any environment. For example, the rubber coating all around the case is new. The color touchscreen is another innovation. All in all, form and function contribute to a product of high value.

DirectIndustry e-magazine: Who can use the SECUTEST PRO?

Dieter Feulner: Companies all around the world. Electrical products that are mainly produced in Asia all need certification before they are delivered, and need regular inspection after they are in use. This is where the SECUTEST PRO comes in. It checks safety in the work environment according to international CE standards. The name of the product says what we do: secure testing.

DirectIndustry e-magazine: Are there unique features that differentiate it from other test instruments on the market?

Dieter Feulner: As we wanted to combine robustness with functionality, there is now one big switch on the front to shift easily between the two operating modes. The orange range is the automatic mode, which more or less tells the user what to do. The green scale is the manual mode, with all the technical know-how coming from the user.

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