Meditation Finds its Way into the Workplace

Courtesy of Merlin

Work environments are not exactly geared toward relaxation. Yet many jobs involve tremendous mental pressure, requiring regular breaks for a person to be productive.

While a handful of organizations have incorporated relaxation/nap rooms into their offices, most companies lack the space for such areas.

Dubai-based consumer electronics company Merlin Digital found a solution—the world’s first virtual reality (VR) rhythmic breathing trainer.

The wearable device is designed to help users reach heart-brain coherence through breathing, and it doesn’t require extra office space. Reagan Kunjumon, marketing specialist at Merlin said during Gitex tradefair:

It’s like digital yoga. For yoga, you need a special place to practice. But with IntelliSense, all you need is the headset, heart rate monitor and app, all of which you get with the kit.

Users can choose from three VR environments: a beach, a mountain valley or a desert oasis. The beach scene offers a tranquil seaside with jumping fish if the wearer is breathing correctly. Improper breathing causes the scene to darken and a rainstorm moves in.

As your breathing improves, the environment gets better. That’s what we call a positive bio-feedback loop. The objective of using IntelliSense is to make proper breathing second nature.

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