Q&A. Halo LEDs for Connecting and Mating


Switzerland-headquartered LEMO won the i-NOVO Design Award 2016 at Hannover Messe for its IAC – Intelligent Active Connector range (PDF).

Marketing Manager Serge Buechli talked to Directindustry e-magazine about the new smart all-in-one LED and connector line.

DirectIndustry e-magazine: What prompted you to design with this range?

Serge Buechli: The design was inspired by customers enquiring about preventing mismating connectors. At LEMO, in the past, we have used various coloured bend reliefs that are assembled to the connector to identify which is which. The halo LED gives an additional indication as the colour appears only after mating, informing the user if the cable set up is correctly or not.

Some of our customers were already using such a setup with LEDs on their enclosure, to inform users what and when to connect. This new solution allows the designer to source all-in-one LEDs and connectors, also making the design of the enclosure simpler. It is an ideal solution for critical applications, for example in high end equipment or healthcare equipment.

DirectIndustry e-magazine: How does it fit in with your other ranges?

Serge Buechli: The LEMO halo LED connector is a metallic circular connector, it is based on the existing B series connector and is fully compatible with existing connectors of the B series range. This means that many existing connectors of the LEMO range with various contact configurations can be used with the halo LED connector.

DirectIndustry e-magazine: What are its special features?

Serge Buechli: LEMO’s speciality is making high quality connectors and custom connector solutions. With the halo LED connector, LEMO can also work with customers’ specific needs, for example colour requirements. If the connector is to be used in sunlight, then we can consider using some stronger luminescence LEDs or adjusting LED power to the environmental lighting – indoors in a laboratory, for instance. The halo LED features a homogeneous LED illumination made of multiple individual LEDS.

DirectIndustry e-magazine: What additional features are available as part of the new IAC – Intelligent Active Connector program?

Serge Buechli: Later this year, we will also be presenting active connectors that include electronic chips, permitting us to push the design even further for our customers: allowing a limited number of uses (for medical applications), for example, or counterfeit protection or even associating a unique pair of plug and socket connectors. These will have a unique match, no other connector could be used, allowing precise handheld calibrated equipment to be used for its sole purpose. All these features can display dedicated information to the user with the help of the halo LED connector.


About the Author

Abigail Saltmarsh is a freelance journalist with 25 years’ experience for industry publications (Packaging Europe) and national magazines (The New York Times, International Herald Tribune).

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