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A Flexible Cobot Gripper

Courtesy of PIAB

What makes a good cobot? Cobots that can be used for a very specific process with one particular tool can be beneficial, but are very restricted. The most efficient use of cobots would be to able to use them for a range of tasks as needed. PIAB tackles this question with Kenos, its new compact vacuum gripper. Kenos is designed so that different grippers can be changed easily and it is able to pick up products of many different shapes. This means the same cobot can perform a variety of different tasks.

Kenos’ system is made up of a modular vacuum generation injection and a gripper unit which are integrated into a separate pump unit. They are connected by a quick-change system. With the right adapter (included in the package) the unit can be used with all common cobot models. Both units have an edgeless design with a technical foam surface and rounded sides making them safe for work alongside humans.

The pump unit uses powerful COAX®SX vacuum technology and the pump itself is a small, lightweight piCHIP unit that is almost silent, making it adapted for operation in rooms with human workers. The piCHIP ensures performance even with low or fluctuating supply pressure as for the same air consumption, COAX® ejectors are up to twice as fast as other conventional ejectors for three times more flow.

The cobot also has configurable suction cups that can be used to handle most materials and fit on most machines.

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Monica Hutchings is a Canadian writer and translator from Toronto who has worked on everything from technical descriptions to academic journals. She is our in-house copy editor.

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