Europe’s Fold-Out Home for Outer Space

Ever thought about investing in real estate on Mars? This is how your home might look. SHEE (Self-deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments) is Europe’s first autonomous, unfolding space habitat. Its purpose? Enable humans to live in areas with no or insufficient building infrastructure, extreme temperatures or contaminated or unbreathable atmospheres. The rigid core structure was developed by the French International Space University together with several European partners. The project is also supported by the European Union.

Designed for two persons, SHEE’s robotic systems and flexible components enable it to unfold for use and fold closed for transport. It is divided into several functional areas—work space, private rooms, kitchen and toilet—and is suitable for terrestrial as well as outer space use. Most of the internal furnishings are movable and the interior can be customized for specific research needs. The habitat is available for field or laboratory research worldwide.

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