Augmented Learning through 3D Modeling and Augmented Reality

At Hannover Messe, a Fraunhofer IGD team presented Social Augmented Reality, a smart learning project facilitating training on complex technical systems. It starts by creating a full 3D model of the system. At their booth, the Institute was using a printing system model. Watch our Hannover Messe video to understand how Social Augmented Reality works.

With this simulation, the instructor can highlight, add text, arrows or other markers to each component of the system, as well as isolate each component to focus training on specific parts. This interactive model can be shared with students, who can post comments and answer the instructor’s questions inserted into the simulation.

The Fraunhofer augmented-reality project also can be used to look inside the printing system. Students can scan a QR code with a tablet PC, allowing them to visualize not only the 3D model but also the machine’s interior.

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