[PACK EXPO] Manna From Heaven?

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Fanciful myths include babies delivered by storks and Christmas gifts by a fat man in a flying sleigh. But tomorrow’s package delivery systems may feature aerial drones dropping into your yard with the goodies you ordered. Last month’s Las Vegas Pack Expo offered the usual lineup of packaging materials and equipment. But newcomer Workhorse was there to demonstrate its truck-based drone delivery system, dubbed Horsefly. The manufacturer of electric and hybrid delivery vehicles is counting on reducing truck miles and expense by flying small packages to nearby locations while the driver is knocking on the door of other customers. After delivery, the drones would return to the truck automatically for recharging. The company has requested FAA approval for trials in rural Ohio without line-of-sight control. Meanwhile, Amazon, 7-Eleven and others are already testing drone delivery from warehouses and stores. If the phenomenon takes off, it could fuel a drive for lighter packaging suitable for drone transport.

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