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[MOTEK 2018] New IT Solutions for Critical Assembly

Manufacturers in heavy equipment, aerospace and automotive who require advanced fastening strategies can take control of their assembly processes quickly with the INSIGHTqc. Innovative power tool manufacturer Ingersoll Rand premiered its new controller for critical assembly manufacturing applications at MOTEK 2018. Offering an IIoT-enabled solution, the controller powers Ingersoll Rand QE Series and QM Series direct current precision assembly tools. It collects and communicates operations data quickly and accurately to assist manufacturers in improving production processes.

INSIGHTqc can be connected to multiple devices; it is simple to set up and integrate into existing assembly operations. It stores up to 50,000 records of cycle data and 50,000 tightening traces onboard the device, offering one of the largest storage capacities of any controller on the market and 50 times more than the previous Ingersoll Rand model.

It has an intuitive, touch-screen programming interface an d ready-to-use protocols.

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