[MOTEK 2018] A Smaller, Faster and Integration-ready AMR

Provider of autonomous mobile robots Aethon has unveiled its newest TUG model at MOTEK 2018. The T4 AMR is aimed at customers in manufacturing and logistics requiring a smaller, faster, integration-ready mobile robot. Building on the US-based company’s existing Industry 4.0 TUG product line, the T4 aims to be a cost-effective and easily deployable solution.

It pairs with existing automation equipment and has an open platform design, allowing it to be installed easily in any facility with wifi coverage. It offers improved flexibility through its built-in connections that facilitate the integration of smart payloads, such as tools or conveyors.

Like Aethon’s other AMRs, the T4 will autonomously navigate a facility using pre-defined maps and routes. It travels at 2m/s and has a compact turning radius; with a 113kg capacity, it can automatically pick up and drop off carts, avoiding the labour costs of cart-tending.

About the Author

Abigail Saltmarsh is a freelance journalist with 25 years’ experience for industry publications (Packaging Europe) and national magazines (The New York Times, International Herald Tribune).

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