Eye-Catching Machine Vision at SPS IPC Drives


    At the SPS IPC Drives trade fair in Nuremberg, machine vision is the focus of a novel forum that brought together sector experts, customers and visitors. The industry panel gave a presentation followed by a question and discussion period open to all. In this context, the Taiwanese Delta Group used the fair to introduce its DMX 2000 vision series for workpiece detection. Four lenses detect color, appearance, size, position and other characteristics. The unit then instructs the paired robot controller to carry out precision pick-and-place and insertion operations. At the same time, Austrian factory automation creator B&R introduced a vision system fully-integrated into the overall control system. This enables the instant feedback from visual inspection required for the self-optimization of machine control. While B&R recognizes the complexity of the task, it maintains that smart cameras and lighting will boost performance. Product manager Andreas Waldi says its system is integrated into “the engineering tool, the real-time operating system and the application software.”

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