Machine Fitness

Courtesy of ABB

Innovative sensor technology akin to human fitness bands now offers plant operators a way to monitor the state of their machinery. Just as fitness enthusiasts can strap trackers to their wrists to monitor their health, ABB’s new smart sensing solution allows electric motors to report their own condition through a wireless internet connection.

The device is suitable for the vast majority of low-voltage motors, whether new or already in use, transforming them into intelligent machines that can indicate when they need servicing. It provides information on operating and condition parameters, such as vibration, temperature and overload, and also calculates power consumption. Data analyzed by special software is presented to the plant operator in graphical form for maintenance planning.

According to ABB, the technology could reduce plant downtime by up to 70% and extend motor lifetime by up to 30%. Energy consumption also could be reduced by as much as 10%.

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