# 27 – AGRICULTURE 2.0

Looking for a Sensor in a Haystack

Developed by Finnish company Quanturi Oy, the Haytech monitoring system helps farmers prevent fires. Temperature rise in hay is an early sign of fermentation, causing degradation and the danger of spontaneous combustion.

During stacking, a Haytech sensor probe is inserted into each bale to continuously measure its temperature. It sends data wirelessly to a relay unit in the barn, which transmits them to a centralized server or a cloud service. Quanturi Oy founder Nadine Pesonen explains:

The application allows real-time temperature visualization of the hay and allows backtracking to the whole storage-time temperature history. By removing the suspect bales, they can save the whole barn from the threat. In case of abnormal situations, they get alarm notifications.

The probes include a wireless temperature sensor and a lithium battery that can last for five years under normal storage and use conditions.

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