Logistics: 7 Trends for 2020 (Infographics)

Logistics: 7 Trends for 2020 (Infographics)

The era of smart and fast logistics is here. “E-commerce has completely disrupted the market in such a way that now even small grocers have e-commerce and online deliveries“, Crystal Parrott, Vice President of the Robotics Center of Excellence at supply chain technology supplier Dematic, told us.

Speed is what is driving this change. Customers want things delivered quickly so logistics businesses have had to innovate in order to keep up with the pace.

The rise of e-commerce, digitization and new technologies have enabled the transformation of the supply chain industry. Tremendous improvements can now be observed, from packaging and labelling to transportation and last-mile delivery.

According to experts, the industry is expected to reach nearly $13 billion by 2022. Innovation and digital disruption will remain fundamental to business strategy. Here are the key logistics trends and challenges that businesses should evaluate for 2020 in order to stay competitive.

In this infographic, we’ve emphasized 7 trends: real-time visibility in supply chain, AI, warehouse robotics and AGVs, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, data analytics and sustainable logistics.

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Infographics – Logistics Trends 2020



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