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DirectIndustry e-Magazine

DirectIndustry’s e-magazine covers leading companies and innovative start-ups,
hot projects, the latest technologies and key personalities, and cover
the major trade fairs around the world.

#16 April 28, 2016

Hannover Messe LIVE Special Issue

Our journalists roamed the aisles of the biggest industrial fair in the world, in search of coming developments in the industry - from predictive maintenance to self-organizing factories...

#15 April 14, 2016

Drones and Deepwater: The Future of Oil & Gas

From laser 3D mapping to identifying pipeline corrosion onshore and offshore, drones are on the rise. Also, don't miss our interactive infographic on subsea oil & gas technologies....

#14 March 10, 2016

The Robotic Packers are on the Lines

Robotics is playing an increasing role on the packaging lines, while eco-packaging gets attractive and good-looking. Don't miss our latest innovations on packaging....

#13 February 25, 2016

Packaging is getting smarter

Our journalists explore some of the latest smart packaging innovations. Also, don't miss our special tour of San Francisco’s SPIE Phononics West...

#12 January 28, 2016

HMI: New Ways to Chat With Your Machines

Our journalists present the new ways to converse with your machines. Also, don't miss our recommendations to get started with 3D manufacturing...

#11 January 14, 2016


Our journalists present striking industrial space spin-offs. Then, check our infographics to learn more about the Mars Rover's technologies...

#10 December 17, 2015


Our journalists take you to the ISS for 3D printing 100% “Made in Space.” Then, prepare to board a reusable rocket that zooms out of this world. The conquest of space awakens...

#9 December 3, 2015


Our journalists roamed the aisles of the German fair in Nuremberg in search of coming developments in the industry — from magnetic levitation to mass customization...

#8 November 5, 2015

Looking at the future of Machine Tools

This 8th issue of DirectIndustry e-magazine, an EMO Special, focuses on innovations in the machine tools industry....

Previous Issues

It’s an Embedded World

Standardized communication protocols, secure connections, energy-saving embedded components, and more. Fond out how the embedded world connects to the Internet of Things.

Safety First

Drones, smarter guidelines, protection against 21st-century risks, tougher industrial equipment and more. Font out how next-generation safety goes beyond the big red button.

Greening Up the Industry

Is industry becoming more eco-responsible? Green solutions have become more common in the factory. This news issue covers the latest technology for reducing one’s carbon footprint, biodegradable packaging, motors that consume less power, and energy-efficient processes.

Hannover Messe Live Special

Read our first special edition, live from Hannover Messe. Discover the latest news and innovations about Industry 4.0, meet new collaborative robots and learn about « Make in India ».

Manufacturing Next-Gen Vehicles

Learn how the automative and aeronautical industry are reshaping the conception process. In this special feature, you will discover how bioplastics, glues and robots are influencing the way automative and aeronautical engineers create vehicles.

The Technology Behind the Factory of the Future

Auto-healing technologies, factories in the palm of your hand, smart electrical networks and multiple other innovations are the real side of Industry 4.0. DirectIndustry e-magazine guides you through the developments that could be your future factory.

From 3D Printing to Additive Manufacturing

What do you know about 3D printing? Additive manufacturing? Of the hurdles negotiated? Of the progress made in the early years of this new century? Did you know that 3D printing may be on the verge of offering answers for every need? Together with the DirectIndustry team, plunge into the wondrous technology of the 3D printing revolution, currently ubiquitous in the media and a trade shows.


The robots are among us. Everywhere. What do they do? How do they help us? What is their future? This special issue will bring you up to date on significant trends in the field.