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    October 6, 2016

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    VIDEO. Self-Driving Vehicles Cruise Chicago

    3D Printing Grows Up and Out

    VIDEO. Industry 4.0 Made in Taiwan

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         SPECIAL EDITION 

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    This year’s IMTS, the International Manufacturing Technology Show, produced a vintage crop. For the occasion, DirectIndustry e-magazine made the trip to Chicago looking for cutting-edge stories. One thing is certain—the harvest was good! Our journalists brought back tremendous video reports, from self-driving vehicles to industry 4.0 made in Taiwan, not...


    Watch our special video report. Autonomous vehicles were one of the major attractions at IMTS this year. Several exhibitors were there to demonstrate the viability of such driverless vehicles. Despite the advanced technology, they are not yet extensively used. In search of answers, DirectIndustry e-magazine boarded...

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    A few years ago, says Tim Shinbara, vice president of technology at the Association for Manufacturing Technology, AM was no more than an attraction in the Emerging Technology Center at IMTS. But it made its way to the main show floor.   At the present time, AM/3-D printing is marginal for most industrial applications,...

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    Watch our special video report. Is the Taiwanese Touch the beginning of a new trend in the industry? Taiwan is the world’s 6th manufacturer and the 5th exporter of machine tools. Seventy-five percent of machine-tools made in Taiwan are exported. At IMTS, the International Manufacturing Technology Show that took place...

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