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    Hannover Messe ended last month, but DirectIndustry e-magazine wanted to use this 17th issue to take another look at the highlights of the biggest industrial fair in the world.   Last year, we titled one of our stories “The Rise of Cobotics”. What’s the situation one year later? Our journalists wondered if collaborative robots were still invading the...


    Watch our exclusive report. The low-cost war is raging in cobotics! At Hannover Messe, new players presented cobots at unbeatable prices. Competition is getting tough, especially for those who first introduced inexpensive cobots.


    Watch our exclusive report. Last year, during our special coverage of Hannover Messe, we titled one of our stories “The Rise of Cobotics.” What’s the situation a year later? Are cobots still invading the factory floor? Are they still a hot topic in the industry? The answer is yes, and the technology keeps improving....

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    Industry 4.0 has proven a popular theme again among European companies at Hannover Messe this year. But the picture appears different in the United States, where the term is barely uttered. However, that doesn’t mean America is lagging behind.   Defining Tomorrow’s Factory Industry 4.0 is a collective term used in...

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