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    Virtual reality is here and we’ll have to get used to it. Initially touted as the future of video gaming, cinema or even journalism, VR headsets are now popping up in every sector. Virtual reality is fast becoming a vital tool for industry, enabling the simulation of production processes before actual launch and facilitating skills transfer and training...

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    Beyond immersive video gaming, virtual reality (VR) is being used for skills transfer and hands-on experiences that could be vital tools for industry.   Virtual-reality glasses are everywhere, with the likes of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR grabbing headlines as the future of video gaming. While the expense...

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    How does virtual reality help design, engineering and manufacturing professionals anticipate and manage the quality of a product before it is launched?  Do digital prototypes of an entire production line confer enough benefits to warrant the expense, or are they an unnecessary luxury?     When planning a manufacturing...

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    After years existing on supercomputers, cognitive computing platforms are being made available on the cloud. The consequences for embedded systems and the Industrial Internet of Things could be huge.   The cloud has been making raw computing power available in virtual environments for some years, but how about on-tap...

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